December 16, 2014

hey guys!!! week two here at the mtc. there are many signs of life, and I think the natives have finally begun to accept me as one of their own.

ITS SO FREAKING COLD GREAT GATSBY. but good news I saw snow fall for the first time in my entire life this week so basically we should have had class outside cause snow is so magical. okay so this week I got some new children (new elders and a solo sister) and they’re all super geniuses so that’s stupid. but they’re pretty sick! I SAW ELDER BATES THIS WEEK holy goodness what a blessing. I missed that guy. it’s so awesome to see the small tender mercies the Lord blesses me with, like I was totally ready to give up and then Talon just walked around the corner haha I almost started crying. the Lord loves us so much and He knows when we’re struggling and gives us just enough to keep going. I love that Heavenly Father of ours, He’s so dang cool let me tell ya.

best believe your boy is zone leader two weeks in! it’s super crazy, Elder Hardy and I are escorting our two internationals today at 4:30… we literally don’t know anything about them except they’re in our zone and they’re not from america! haha so that is gonna be super cool!!! and then tomorrow we get 30ish grandchildren. they shall love and respect their grandfather 😉 I love my zone, we’re all too tight. like seriously too tight we take naps together sometimes haha. but in a totally straight way!! okay but best believe I don’t stop singing, it’s SOOO hard not to listen to music all the time so we just have to make our own. so that means a buttload of Disney singalongs and karaoke as a zone in the showers post-gym time. dude when we aren’t lifting our zone has pretty much the best volleyball team in the mtc, we kick sooo much trash. it’s stupid.

alright so turns out that Gustavo is in fact a member and our new teacher! lol I felt so betrayed. but Irmao Machado is THE DOPEST HUMAN! and he loves chick fil a so we already have a solid common ground 😉 he’s from Sao Paulo and his english is actually really good! probably better than mine haha! we had two lessons yesterday (both with our teachers) and legit both times after the closing prayer our teachers started telling us in english that it was THE BEST first lesson they have ever seen here in the years they’ve been working at the MTC. awh man the spirit was so strong! we’re already developing a love for the investigators (they’re just our teachers playing the role of someone that is investigating) and it’s so awesome!

I love you all more than words can describe and miss you dearly. THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE I can see it so much in my life and I hope you all can too! go out of your way to do something nice for someone this week and I promiseee you will be filled with the love of Jesus Christ.  pleaseee write letters and send pictures, I miss seeing all your beautiful faces!

Sonho com os anjos,

Elder Aaron Adams


2009 N 900 E #186

Provo UT 84602
IMG_0068 IMG_0048 IMG_0047 IMG_0030 IMG_0026


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