December 9, 2014 8:50 am. First email sent from the Provo Utah Missionary Training Center

ITS SO COLD HERE. haha no but seriously my one jacket does not suffice. it’s chill tho I ain’t even mad.

okay for real tho you guys this week has been nothing short of amazing!!! I love it here. gosh where to start?! I sat next to a super nice sister on the plane, (Sister McBride) she’s serving in Scotland Ireland! that’s so sick!!! I’ve met a couple kids here from the 480, definitely a tender mercy. can’t wait to see Elder Bates next week!! the first couple days were sooo hard because my teacher didn’t speak any english at all and everyone in my zone was so spiritually bodacious. so I almost felt like I didn’t deserve to be here! but that went away right quick. but YOOO me and my boy Elder Hardy are district leaders since day 2, no doubt. he’s from Layton, UT and like six months after he gets home he’s being promoted to sergeant in the US army! What a sick dude!!! We’ve been singing africa by toto literally all week haha we have some gorgeous harmonies let me tell ya. every day after gym our zone has like a shower sing a long and OBVIOUSLY I have to throw in some sick runs to hush the masses haha 🙂 everyone knows where ya boy Elder Adams is at cause he’s alllllllways singing 😉 okay so our 3rd day we had our first lesson with a guy named Gustavo IN PORTUGUESE. shoooooot that was so rough. no lie I put a dent in the door across the hall with my noggin, hopefully I don’t get in trouble for that haha! saturday we did some service and Elder Hardy and I were supposed to leave at 8:30 and before we knew it it was like 9:15 and we had a lesson with Gustavo at 9:30!! haha talk about losing yourself in the work 🙂 NOBODY knows how to play piano in my zone so they asked me to play prelude music… so obviously that consisted of the one hymn I know how to play, a song I wrote when I was 12, the first half of clair de lune and the brady bunch theme song. nobody knew!!! haha so that was rather silly I must say 🙂 dudeee yesterday we had our third lesson with gustavo and out of the blue he asked me how I knew that Joseph Smith saw and talked to God and how I knew the book of mormon was true and stuff and I went OFF in portuguese. I like bore my testimony and started crying because the spirit was sooo strong!! I literally have no idea what I said, neither did my companion.. sooo first week in and I had a gift of tongues experience!! it was so humbling. I’ve already changed so much. I love my zone so much! everyone is from the states except for Elder Veitch (Canada), Sister Radamason (Madagascar) and Elder Harmaans (Johannesburg)! aw MAN I love those guys. Elder Veitch and Elder Harmaans are companions and its hilarious because Elder Veitch is like 6’6″ and Harmaans is a solid 5’4″, it’s beautiful. I’ll send some pictures in a minute, this computer I’m on is pretty wack. I love you all! the church is so true you guys its so true it hurts. I love this gospel so much!!!

feel free to write letters, it’s so fun to get those! oh ps momma A I know girl scout cookie season is coming up and your favorite son loves thin mints. and real food, because I really hate the smell of vending machine pizza rolls.

okay love you guys!!!! PLEASEEE write, getting letters is such a gain.

Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!

Elder Aaron Adams

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