December 23, 2014

week three here at the mtc and all the elders in my zone insist on wearing the same shirt as me everyday and it’s really becoming a problem. we’re all matching and it’s so embarassing.

so we got 35ish fresh missionaries this week, including two from south africa! they’re the dopest of all time ever. and as expected, all the newbs love and respect their grandfather. 😉 AWH MAN it’s so fun!! being the example to so much new fam is weird because I’m like the weirdest guy I know, so that was such a humbling experience!!! but no worries, me and my boy elder hardy lead with love and like it says in matthew 23, “he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.” so we are CONSTANTLY serving and helping out our grandchildren! I can feel the blessings from that so much in my life already and I love it! it has been such a spiritual roller coaster this week. the first part of the week I felt like I wasn’t feeling the spirit AT ALL which totally sucked because you feel it all the time all day here. and I was really getting down on myself and my faith was definitely being tried. so I prayed to our father in heaven (what a cool guy He is) and just kinda asked Him if He was still there cause I felt like I wasn’t feeling His presence at that point. but obviously He is ALWAYS there for us. but I just asked for like a sign of His being there and I opened my scriptures and the first thing I saw was D&C 50:44 (I think that was the reference, I could have the numbers swapped.) and the first line was something like “Wherefore I am in your midst.” and that punched me right in the gut like bruh I’m always here. don’t even worry about it because I love you!!!

OKAY sick story of the week. we were on the computers working on the language as a district and singing and stuff. and that’s the story!

hahahaha sike but for real we were just chillin working on our crappy portuguese and these two wonderful daughters of God investigating the church walked in and asked if we were busy, so OBVIOUSLY we said no!!! and then they said “well our friend is getting married this weekend and we wanna know why we can’t go into the temple with her for the sealing or whatever its called!” and we all kinda looked at each other like WE ARE ALL ENLISTED TIL THE CONFLICT IS O’ER. and went. to freaking. town. we were in there for a solid two and a half hours just talking to these girls about the gospel and the book of mormon and Jesus Christ and how He’s the sickest guy we know. (sidenote: HOW COOL IS IT THAT WE CAN SAY THAT WE KNOW HIM. LIKE HE’S OUR BROTHER AND STUFF. I TOTALLY KNOW THAT GUY.) we all bore our testimonies to them like I bear my thighs in the summer time and showed them a mormon message about the power prayer can have in our lives! shoot man I cried straight up it was intense. and we had a lesson with them again yesterday which went equally as well!!! and in english which was such a blessing because we can only say so much in portuguese. but to continue on this awesome lesson tangent, we had one with our new teacher Irma Wells (she’s gonna be a dance teacher!! what a bodacious human.)! and our initial plan was just to share a short simple message about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and He loves us so much! but then when we got in there and got to know the investigator role she was playing she started asking about prayer and how come she wasn’t getting answers. so we were like Emelia, He answers in so many different ways! and sometimes not in the way we expect. He’s the literal creator of the heavens and the earth and all things that in them are, He’s sooo much bigger than us. BUT HE IS OUR LITERAL FATHER and loves us so much which is super sick! and that He will answer our prayers in the way He knows we need it. so I totally went off in portuguese about like my whole self-conversion story which was a super emotional time in my life. so obviously I started crying and the spirit was so strong and everyone was crying! which I mean its not the goal to make people cry but when the spirit is that strong, it’s sooo hard not to! what a week.

in the spirit of Christmas being so close, it’s important for us to remember what the real gift of this amazing holiday is! and that’s the birth of our most excellent brother Jesus Christ. seriously how triumphant is that! okay but for real.

the first gift was not wrapped, had no bow, wasn’t purchased online, or in a store. the first gift of Christmas was a simple gift, a sacred gift. it wasn’t gold or frankincense or myrrh. it was a gift of love and life and peace and hope, given by a father to ALL His children. He loves each and everyone you. He loves us. He gave His son. He is the Christ. He is Christmas! HE IS THE GIFT!

and in the spirit of a material Christmas, letters are immensely appreciated. and so are socks. especially socks. and sweatpants for real low cheap (about one money, give or take). and pictures of your beautiful faces because I miss them so much. and ties because that’s literally the only way I can express myself. haha but I love you all more than words can describe! you’re the most bodaciously righteous group of humans I know!! unless I forgot to add someone in this email in which case I love them too.

stay gorgeous fam!

Sonho com os anjos,

Elder Aaron Adams


2009 N 900 E #186

Provo UT 84602

so I have enough candy and food to last me the rest of my life..
so I have enough candy and food to last me the rest of my life..
Elder Hardy and I are going to prom when we get home so we took our pictures early!!
Elder Hardy and I are going to prom when we get home so we took our pictures early!!
oh absolutely
oh absolutely
district skeefin some skwad pics at the temple last week
district skeefin some skwad pics at the temple last week
my favorite piece of mail I've received so far!!! love that Taylor Adams!
my favorite piece of mail I’ve received so far!!! love that Taylor Adams!

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