December 30, 2014

week 4 down and I’ve never seen so much snow in my entire lifetime as a human being on the planet earth in the world. and it’s so FREAKING COLD. it’s chill tho!

so first off MERRY ALREADY HAPPENED CHRISTMAS!!! (and happy late birthday to the wonderful Meg Noell McDowell) I miss you guys I guess. haha I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and hope yall enjoy the equally as awesome time off from work and school and stuff! it really is the most wonderful time of the year! especially for us out here on our mission grind because we got to call home! and as expected, coach troy (father of yours truly) spent the last 45 seconds of the call asking about our laundry situation. what a sick guy haha I love him tho! so that was pretty dang funny let me tell ya. okay but for real such a good week you guys!!! definitely had some righteous lessons, tears were shared, the gospel was shared. elder jackson got his visa last week so we dropped him off early this morning and he’s off to BRASIL! what a lucky elder, he gets to be warm. I’m stupid jealous haha I’m freezing my rastafarian booty off! yooo Christmas was so tight! we had an early morning devotional from Elder RUSSELL M FREAKING NELSON. it was casual tho, don’t even freak out fam. haha it was so good!!! we heard from him and his wife, so that was so sick! the main thing I got out of it was the power of music and the 9 facets of the gospel. Elder Nelson related the gospel to a bodacious spiritual diamond. the facets were: the Godhead, Plan of Salvation, Atonement of Jesus Christ, dispensations of the gospel of Jesus Christ, prophets and revelation, priesthood and priesthood keys, marriage and FAM, and the commandments. and together they make a pretty good lookin diamond if you ask me!!! the spirit was way strong when sister nelson spoke about the benefit concert for Handl’s Messiah somewhere in england. all the proceeds from the concert went to paying off the debts of those held in a debtor’s prison, and from one song there was enough money to free 152 debtors!!! we can relate that to the Savior and the incredible sacrifice He made for us! He loves us so much, and He is the only way we can make it back to our Father in Heaven. we just need to try our best in this life to remain debt-free. but EVEN THEN when we slip up He will be there for us to pay for us if we humble ourselves and come to Him for help! like how cool is that?! I think that’s pretty dope.

alright so later on in the day there was a “Christmas performance featuring various missionaries and their various talents to uplift those in the MTC”. and that’s just a really fancy way to not say talent show because I feel really lame saying talent show. BUT nonetheless ya boy was featured! haha I had to toss up some Brady Bunch by Jamie Foxx and after that I was immediately accepted into the growing group of polynesian missionaries because “the short little white elder can sang like he’s brown” haha! 🙂 and since then we’ve sang lean on me, apple of my eye by dss and the east side high school song all together! bruddas get down with the harmonies haha it’s sooo bodacious words cannot describe. I gotta keep singing, it’s the only thing that keeps me sane! and Elder Hardy is a excellent dude because he sings with me!! if we had a dollar for every time we dropped africa by toto into a gorgeous duet we would have like.. a lot of dollars. like stacks so fat my wallet look like a bible. it’s pretty impressive. now to continue my week of Christmasitude, we had another devotional on sunday! David Archuleta came and sang a little bit so that was chill. (I’m pretending to act like it’s not a big deal but it actually is because it was DAVID ARCHULETA AND HE HAS THE VOICE OF A SPANISH ANGEL who’s like 5’6″ so that was really weird. like the dude’s real short. but I shook his hand and got some creeper pics because I’m a freak so it was a solid day!

our lessons continue with Melissa! we’re like 87% sure she’s a member which is super disheartening MAS even if she is, we know and have kept in mind that we are still helping her in some way by helping her feel the spirit! she’s super awesome!! sometimes we go off in portuguese in our lessons on accident hahaha it’s pretty silly. but it’s super humbling to have an english investigator. ALSO super humbling to realize how much the Lord has helped us with the language! like I took two years of french in high school and I can MAYBE remember how to say hello and ask how old someone is. but I’ve been learning portuguese for 28 days and I can pray, bear my testimony, give gospel discussions for almost two hours, and with some english I truly believe we could go everyday speaking portuguese. like dangalang fam. the power of the spirit and the gift of tongues is most triumphant here at the MT-Steezy.

I love you all more than words can describe! keep emailing, keep sending letters! we loveee letters haha it’s almost a competition every day to see who gets the most letters. so that’s pretty silly! so yeah please send letters, it’s so great to hear from fam! the church is so true, and our Father in Heaven loves us sooo much! the literal creator of the heavens and the earth and all things that in them are, is OUR Father and cares about every single one of us and knows our needs. I PROMISE you guys that if you search for Christ in every aspect of your lives that His presence will be more prominent in everyday things! I’ve already seen the effects of that in my life. many much love, I’ll send pics here in a second. you’re all beautiful humans!

sonho com os anjos,

Elder Aaron Adams 🙂

look its archie what a champion :) (David Archuleta)
look its archie what a champion 🙂 (David Archuleta)
here´s our christmas tree!
here´s our christmas tree!
our lovely white Christmas!
photo shoot in the bathroom ft. Elder Judd
sometimes you just gotta take your pants off and cruise in your air bethlehems ya know
sometimes you just gotta take your pants off and cruise in your air bethlehems ya know
Elder Maynes and I are spoon kings not gonna lie..


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