January 6, 2015

week 5 down and still mobbin steady here at the MT-Steezy.

I honestly can’t remember a whole lot from this week it’s weird! it went by pretty fast.. but on Tuesday we got to clean the Provo temple for a couple of hours and we went through like 900 magic erasers! my dude Mr. Clean has GOT to step his game up!! but after we were done the guy in charge was like “my dudes! wouldst thou like to go on an adventure of the most secret of tours?” so absolutely we went haha! there wasn’t a WHOLE lot we hadn’t seen before, but it was still way sick to see all the ordinance rooms in a temple I’ve only been to a couple times πŸ™‚ so that was way sweet! after that we had a devotional with one of the members of the seventy (I can’t remember who haha I’m the worst!) which was awesome!! he talked about not only converting investigators but ALSO converting yourself as a missionary! and he talked about four changes that would happen if you do it right: change in attitude, change in behavior, change in nature, and finally a change in countenance! and all of that comes with faith, diligent study of the book of mormon and enduring to the end and BOOMDEEZY THUNDERCLAP OF THE THIGHS IN THE SUMMER TIME you got yourself a newly converted lover of this sweet sweet gospel. how bodacious πŸ™‚

we didn’t get to teach Melissa this week which was pretty lame because she’s really progressing!! but our good good buddy Devan is back in the 801 and we’re getting down to business! we’ve had a couple lessons with her this past week and they were so awesome! we went in with a prepared lesson on the restoration and whatnot, but the Lord works in mysterious ways that’s for sure! because we talked about basically everything BUT that! she kinda filled us in on the last couple weeks and we got on the topic of families and she told us this crazy story about her mom and how she was super super sick while Devan was in high school! she had to take on a buttload of jobs and quit all the sports she was playing so she could pay for her mom’s like medication and pretty much run the household and pay the bills! she’s such a stud. and then she had had enough and moved in with her aunt and uncle so her mom could go to the hospital to get the care she needed, and Devan ended up being super pissed at her mom for putting her through all that and they barely talked :/ but one day she had this feeling like she had to make things right with her mothership so she wrote a letter and about 2 weeks later she passed away.. she went on to explain that she still feels guilty for not having the best relationship with someone who means so much to her! but she knows her mom is our Heavenly Father now! but AWESOME REVELATION CAME TO PASS WITHIN MY MELON AND SPEWED OUT INTO THE ATMOSPHERE MY FRIENDS. I had the strongest feeling to tell Devan that her mom loves her and forgives her and that she isn’t upset about what happened, and that all she wants is for Devan to come unto Christ and receive His word so they can live together forever in the mansions of our Father. like what the heck how cool is that?! so I followed this wonderful prompting and she totally broke down but like in a good way. the spirit straight punched us all square in the mouth it was sick!

it’s been a spiritual roller coaster let me tell ya folks. it’s not always sunshine and rainbows here at the MTC it can be pretty rough! the whole depression deal was hitting me hard. regardless, it has helped me to really try and look for the good in everything and that has sincerely blessed my life in more ways than I can count! and I can count to at LEAST 10 so you can only imagine how innumerable my blessings are. hahaha but seriously! I’m gonna issue a challenge to all of you via the interwebs: look for the good in everyday things, and pray for help to do so and I PROMISE you will be able to see the hand of God in your life with the greatest of ease! and read Alma 31: 30-32 & 38 because that DEFINITELY played a fat role in getting me through the week thanks to my boy Irmao Staples. holla.

the Lord loves you and so do I! stay righteous, stay beautiful, and to the AZ fam specifically: STAY WEIRDY MCWILD GET BUCKFILTHY DO SOME SQUATS WRASTLE A BEAR BASE JUMP OFF OF ROME TOWERS AND WEAR SHORT SHORTS TO BEAR YOUR THIGHS IN THE WINTER BECAUSE 2015 IS A CELEBRATION OF THIGH LIBERATION! I love you all more than words can describe, keep sending mail! you’re the greatest πŸ™‚

Many much love you long times,

Elder @aaronadams_ πŸ˜‰

Aaron and friend Talon Bates, who is going to Rome, Italy.  They have been friends since the firs t grade.
Aaron and friend Talon Bates, who is going to Rome, Italy. They have been friends since the first grade.
jenks choro (elder jenks for you that don't speak japanese) doing household activities in his ZL onesie on new years eve!
jenks choro (elder jenks for you that don’t speak japanese) doing household activities in his ZL onesie on new years eve!
we found a room under the stairs and unlocked it, we found nerf guns πŸ™‚


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