January 26, 2015

Well the field is as white as they say! I mean mostly because it’s covered in like 3 feet of snow. but no worries, I dug a hole, and the field is in fact still white. so that’s good!

so the first area of my two-year date with the Lord is the Monticello Utah stake!! we cover all four wards in Monticello as well as the branches in La Sal UT and Paradox in Colorado. needless to say, I would cry every time I step out of the apartment but I can’t because my eyeballs are frozen solid so that’s SUPER DOPE! Monticello I’m pretty sure is the only town out of the three that actually has internet so when we came to email last monday the only place in town with internet was closed! pretty funny stuff 🙂 a couple things I have learned from my immense experience in the field an entire two weeks:

1) the grinch and oscar the grouch are probably cousins… just think about it. let it sit. yeah. it blew my mind too 😉

AND 2) if I had a dollar for every time I wanted to roundhouse kick my trainer in the face I would have enough money to spend 8 weeks fighting in the octagon and open up a karate studio and buy some sweet American flag pants. he’s a great guy tho!

alright so THUNDERCLAP THE THIGHS GO BOOM IN THE SUMMERTIME SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE OF THE WEEK LET’S GIDDDDDDIIIITTTTTT!!! we decided we would tract a little bit via the feets upon which we stand through the frozen tundra we call Utah trying to find the bishop of 4th ward! (awesome thing about Monticello: EVERYONE KNOWS WHERE EVERYONE LIVES THEREFORE THERE ARE NO ADDRESSES) hahahah it’s kinda tricky finding people, but we’re getting the hang of it. ANYWAYS we ran into the stake president’s wife whilst hustling our freezer-burned butts to Bishop Black’s and she gave us directions. but lo and behold I’m sure as the summertime is a celebration of thigh liberation, she was inspired to give us wrong directions. at least that’s my theory! because we turned down this street and this guy comes out of his door and down the driveway to meet us! and in my head I’m singing COME ON YOU KNOW THE GOSPEL’S TRUE COME ON YOU KNOW JUST WHAT TO DO and we walked up to this wonderful child of God. and he just went off about he’d been “cussing God” and how mad he was at God for letting bad things happen to his family and he was doubting if there even was a God in the first place! so we were kinda like “Bruh. you know He’s like… your Father right? and He loves you and stuff?” but we didn’t say that because that would be interrupting and is, in most cultures, very rude to do. so he went on about how he finally started like yelling at God and asking Him “why won’t you just help me?” and that’s when he looked out the window and saw Elder Hancock and I turning the corner down the street to his house.

the Lord really does prepare people for us to teach.

I love you all like I love chick fil a! which is like, a lot. and I’m going through some withdrawals but it’s chill fam. I pray for all of you all the time and I hope yall know that the Lord loves you too! read your scriptures, pray, look both ways before you cross the street, don’t talk to strangers unless you’re a missionary in which case it’s suggested, and TELL YOUR MOTHER SHE’S THE BEST AND YOU LOVE HER. (shoutout to momma A, she’s the best mom I’ve ever had!) keep emailing, send mail of the paper materials too, those are always sick to get!

With all the love I can give through a handshake,

Elder Adams

Elder Hancock, Elder Adams, President and Sister Batt, Farmington NM mission
Elders Hancock and Adams with President and Sister Batt of the Farmington NM mission. Jan 13, 2015


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