February 23, 2015

Snow day on a p day on a leg day. Can life get better? I submit that it CANNOT!

week number some somethin or other out here in Moneytown, USA and the snow is frostyyy!!

well it’s only been a couple days since I spammed yall last so there isn’t TOO much to catch yall up on… we got transfer news! and GUESS WHAT. YOU’LL SERIOUSLY NEVER BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED YOU GUYS IT’S CRAZY!!! I’M SO STOKED I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT ALL TRANSFER I’M staying in monticello. but it’s all good!! hahaha it’s hard not to love it here in Moneytown πŸ™‚ ain’t nothin but blue skies and 82000 feet of snow on the ground! and ya know being the only two people in town that haven’t actually seen snow before, Elder Hancock and I are taking life pretty serious when it comes to this thing you cold-weather humans call snow. it starts falling and we both get a look on our faces like “there’s white powder falling from the sky. forget a winter coat GRAB A LEAD JACKET CAUSE CRAP’S GONE NUCLEAR!!” hahaha but we’ll be experts at the snow thing in no time πŸ˜‰

so I’ve already told yall but we’re teaching the only black lady in town, she’s like a 5’2 Madea from Memphis!! her name’s Nancy πŸ™‚ but the other day we were at PJ’s (that’s the restaurant she works at, nobody knows where she lives.. and she likes it that way haha she ain’t tellin nobody fam) talking to her about the power of the Holy Ghost and the importance of going to church and stuff. she went off on a tangent about how when she lived in Memphis she went with a friend once to a southern baptist church and they was all doin their thing singing and clapping their hands and that good shtuff. and then one lady stands up and screams about the holy spirit and starts running around and hitting people and then she ran into a door and knocked herself out! Nancy went on to say “gurl the holy ghost ain’t hit you the door diddd” haha she’s a funny lady πŸ™‚ and right after the closing prayer in our lesson she stood up and kicked her chair and screamed AAAAAAMEN!!! hahahaha I legit fell out of my chair. high quality gal that Nancy πŸ™‚

from my incredibly lengthy mission experience of almost three months I’ve learned a buttload and a half about charity. HOLY SHNIKES that mess is crucial to everything we do out here. we need to love our companions, the people we’re teaching, the members in the stake, the drunks and the demon dogs that chase/bark at us, we need to love EVERYONE. because that’s what Christ did, He loved anyone and everyone because THAT’S WHAT WE’RE SUPPOSED TO DO! yall have heard it like a million times, but charity IS the pure love of Christ. and ya know true charity isn’t loving someone because you want them to love you back, it’s loving them because you should. we need to try so hard every single day to have charity and that incredible love for everyone we come in contact with because THAT’S what Jesus would do. what a cool guy!

much love to yall this week!

snow (Aaron's companion?)
snow (Aaron’s companion?)

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