March 9, 2015

I had a really funny missionary joke I was gonna put at the beginning of this email but I forgot it so I’ll just talk about my inability to remember cool things.

it’s been a solid week! word spread fast about that yung visa and so everyone’s getting all sentimental and giving me food and stuff… I can’t complain 🙂 but now we actually have to make an effort and visit all our favorite families and eat their food and stuff, cause that usually just kinda happened haha!

so our homie Jared is really progressing! he called us on saturday to let us know that he wouldn’t be able to make it home in time from blanding to make it to our appointment, which was a bummer. BUT SUNNY DAY SWEEPIN THE CLOUDS AWAY I JUST QUOTED SESAME STREET BECAUSE WE CAN FIND THE GOOD IN EVERYTHING AND BE SUCCESSFUL AND TRIUMPH EVIL AND LEARN TO COUNT AND EAT HEALTHY WITH THE HELP OF OUR FRIENDS because he went on to tell us about his progress with the word of wisdom!!! he’s been sober for about 3 months now and he’s been off drugs for more than 2 weeks which is HUGE for him… he’s constantly relapsing and stuff, it’s pretty sucky! but he’s clean since after our 2nd lesson with him. there was a point in his life (about a month or so ago) when he had hepatitis c and some random liver disease because of this problem. he went in pretty regularly for tests to make sure he wasn’t gonna die or anything crazy like that. and there was one week during all that that he was going through withdrawals SO BAD that he was humbled enough to cry out and ask the Lord for help. later that week he got a call from his doctor to see how he was doing! it went something like this: “well hey Jared this is doctor whatshisbucket, how are you doing?” “pretty good, yourself?” “well I’m doing great. and you’re doing REALLY great.” “doctor whatshisbucket what the heck are you talking about I’m dying!” “no you’re not. your diseases are gone! you’re 100% healthy.”

BOOMDEEZY THUNDERCLAP STONES ROLL DOWN THE MOUNTAIN GOES THE STRENGTH OF GOD. when Jared told us this I was like what the heck Heavenly Father you’re so cool! I love Him so much. He knows us and our weaknesses. He knows our strengths and what exactly we need help on. and that awesome Heavenly Father of ours has a plan for us. Eu sei.

many much loves to your and your posterity my children! stay frosty and may your week be dope as chill.

lol fruit is so funny :)
lol fruit is so funny 🙂
this is Topanga 2.0 :) She can get up and go. what a frosty gal
this is Topanga 2.0 🙂 She can get up and go. what a frosty gal
windbreaker salfie
windbreaker salfee

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