March 16, 2015


“some people want to become noble, others want to become wealthy, still others wise, and there are those who wish to become good. it would be very well to be any of these, but I would prefer, most of all, being known as good.” just some deep thinking spiritual jujumagumbo for yalls brains to chew on. although I would hope your brains would lack the ability to chew things, cause then yall would have a serious problem.

another interesting week here in Moneytown! (disclaimer for my parents: there is nothing about Monticello that constitutes money, ergo the nickname is just from my noggin.) but I digress!! it’s been a solid 7 days of teachin and preachin and expoundin and exhortin that good gospel that gives me a reason to get up in the morning! our girl Nancy has been out of town for a couple weeks now and it’s really starting to put a damper on things cause ya know she’s the only black lady in town and I need my fill ya diggg! and on top of that our girl Loretta– who we’ve adopted as our catholic grandma from New York– went in for surgery last week so we can’t see her either :/ BUT it’s all good, we’ve been keeping tabs on those two lovely children of our Heavenly Father. they’re doing great and reading everything we give them to read! man I love these people 🙂

recently we’ve been meeting with the families in the stake that have missionaries out in the field and we give them a little challenge to get them as STOKED ABOUT SWERVIN DA LAWD AS WE ARE!!! haha we’ve got them all doing the 21 day promise and I have a really good feeling about it, a LOT of work is gonna come out of the woodwork from these families!! going off on a tangent here but HOLY SHNIKES. the people in this stake are too nice, I know I don’t deserve it one bit. like just yesterday a family gave us like 15 pounds of venizen steak and a FLIPPING GRILL. not a huge one, but george foreman sized fersure… what the heck!? the love that the members show to us amazes me everyday, it almost brings me to tears sometimes.. but I never cry, cause I’m a man. and they don’t do that.. in front of their mom.

I love you all so much! this gospel is great. this gospel is good. I’d share it with everyone if I could. that rhymed… unintentional. here’s a challenge for yall: go out of your way to share the love of Christ some time this week!! HIGH FIVE STRANGERS HUG ELDERLY LADIES PET A PUPPY BUY SOMEONE A PIZZA SHARE A YOOHOO PAY FOR SOMEONE’S IN N OUT WITHOUT THEM KNOWING JUST DO SOMETHING GREAT THAT THEY’LL SMILE ABOUT. because THAT’S what Jesus would do! He loves everyone unconditionally and the more time I spend out here the more I realize just how much He loves us.

Sonho com os anjos! Peace be the journey

I made a hat. This is my jackalope hat. such beauty. such finesse. such artistry.
I made a hat. This is my jackalope hat. such beauty. such finesse. such artistry.

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