March 23, 2015

famski 6’5 danski

How many missionaries does it take to change a light bulb? two. but the light bulb has to wanna change first… HA. ha. no? aight sick.

it’s been a pretty solid week in Moneytown USA no lie! these members never cease to amaze me with how much they love to help us out via giving us stuff and food we don’t really need.. probably just cause they give us the blessings that they really want for their Servant O Da Lawd offspring!! but it’s been chill 🙂 word got out in 3rd ward that ya boy tried out for the Voice but is like super less than average at singing so I didn’t make it, but somehow that translated to HOLY SHNIKES ELDER ADAMS WAS ON THE VOICE I SWEAR HE ALMOST WON I WAS THERE HE GAVE ME A HIGH FIVE FROM ON STAGE AND SANG JUST TO ME HE’S TOTALLY FAMOUS WE LOVE HIM!!1! something to that extent hahahaha but now the whole stake is in that mindset so I’ve been faking laryngitis at our dinner appointments to get out of singing the freaking prayers or something!

BUT ANYWAYS haha it’s been kinda slow as far as teaching goes because all of our pesquisadores fam are out of town or recovering from surgery or cultivating their gillyweed farm upon the back of giant seahorse with wings or SOMETHING like that it’s been impossible to get ahold of anyone!!! but we’ve been teaching this guy in La Sal named Bill. here’s a poem I just wrote about Bill:

Bill is rad

Bill is neat

He lives in a giant teepee

Swimming pool

so Bill is getting STUPID close to getting dunkificated!! but he’s such a stud and he keeps telling us that if he’s gonna commit to something he’s gotta do it 100%!! so he’s getting there 🙂 but dangalang the day he decides he wants to get baptized he’s legit gonna dive in headfirst and we’re gonna have a really hard time keeping up with him.. he wants to change so bad, it’s pretty inspiring. other than that, not a whole lot has been gone on this week. :/ but we keep on gospel chuggin and we KNOW that some good stuff is gonna come out of the work we’ve been doing 🙂

time to get SPURTCHAL right quick with yet another poem or 8, that’s been kind of a theme this week. “I have wept in the night for the shortness of sight that to somebody’s need made me blind; But I never have yet felt a tinge of regret for being a little too kind.” -President Monson. I love that guy! and I’m so proud of myself for getting that shpeal in bold, I’m such a tech genius gosh dangit. but ANYWAYS this has been a theme in most of my emails, but being nice to people is so dang fun! all of fam needs to feel the love that the Lord has for us, SO WHY NOT GIVE IT TO EM JA FEEEELL?! keep that gospel love rollin and life will be easy breezy nice and STEEZY haha I love you all!

Peace be da journeyyy,

A Train

the rock in which my beautiful polygamists reside :)
the rock in which my beautiful polygamists reside 🙂
my OJ downed in an hour
my OJ downed in an hour

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