March 30, 2015

mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

Another great week gearing up for conference and Easter sunday!! and the last ones I’ll have in english for the next 20ish months, kinda scary to think about. But exciting, it’s gonna be great!

It’s been a roller coaster this week no lie! and a lot of things have come from it that have helped me out in a lot of ways! we were tallying up the numbers for the week kinda bummed out that none of our investigators had gone to church when they said they would when we got a call from the relief society president in Paradox, Sister Steele. she’s so great!! but she called and told us that (our investigators) had showed up and stayed all three hours I ALMOST CRIED. gosh that was so sick to hear!!! Loretta is our adopted catholic grandma from New York and she just got out of surgery like a week ago. she’s pretty hardcore! but over the past 2ish transfers we’ve seen so much growth in that lady, I’m so proud of her! okay switching gears to La Sal for a second!!

we’ve been teaching this guy named Steve … so Steve is an ex bounty hunter/swat dude/cop and he’s like the sickest guy in town. he’s sold a few songs to Hank Cochran and stuff, he knows like Brad Paisley and Vince Gill, they’re best buds. so there’s that haha 🙂 but anyways! we visit Steve every week after lunch and go around and help him out on the farm and we just talk to him about life and the gospel. he wants to be a cowboy preacher 🙂 since he isn’t a member (and his wife won’t let him) he isn’t able to pay tithing and that REALLY bugs him. so when it was snowing he went out every morning before anybody else was up and shoveled the sidewalks and stuff because he wants to give back so bad.. it’s pretty awesome! and it’s stupid hard to teach him anything because he already lives the way we do in the church. pretty much the driest Mormon I’ve ever met, he just hasn’t decided he wants to get dunkified yet 😦 he’ll get there! we love that old blind cowboy of ours 🙂 and if you’ve never seen a blind ex-cop run at a dead sprint to grab a candy bar, I highly suggest trying to find that on netflix. cause it should be there. what a gain haha 🙂

just a few spiritchal things for you guys! I’ve learned a couple things about trials and why we go through them and why we do what we do. so I’ll just let yall know right quick: at this point in my life I’m developing a relationship with some amazing people by helping them develop a relationship with our Heavenly Father. and that’s really the best way to do it, because those relationships will last FOREVER whether you want them to or not haha 🙂 and for the trials thing all I have is a poem:

I walked a mile with pleasure,

she chattered all the way.

I left her none the wiser

for all she had to say.

I walked a mile with sorrow

though not a word said she.

But oh the things that I did learn

when sorrow walked with me.

so long story short, our problems make us better. the Lord knows us well enough to give us certain weaknesses our obstacles because we know that we have it in us to overcome them. and it gets so much easier when we just turn around and ask Him for help. He’s right there! in the form of a scripture, a family member, a thought, a feeling, a friend. He’s always there I promise! He loves you and so do I.

peace be da journey

the Blue Mountains
the Blue Mountains

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