Well these last couple of weeks have been interesting to say the least… I went from knowing what was going on, teaching a bunch of people, teaching them in ENGLISH, having a truck, and eating food I recognized to the CTM in São Paulo… back to training! and now to the field again haha it was a humbling experience going back and learning how to be a missionary again. my first area is a little town 2 hours outside of Asa Sul in Brasília called Padre Bernardo 🙂 we have one active member family here and another member family that comes down from Ceilândia and I have no clue where that is, but I guess I passed it coming out here haha! but that member family is seriously so amazing… they feed us lunch and dinner literally everyday. and Siló (the dad) owns a gym that he opens up early for us so we can lift in the mornings!! definitely a blessing to know that guy 😉 my first couple days here they fed us cow heart and piranha and DANGALANG they were good haha!

this one will probably be pretty short too since I don´t have a lot of time and I´m still kind of in a daze with the culture shock and everything. and I can´t really talk about our investigators or anything aside from the fact that we have like 4 bajillion of them and I have NO CLUE what they´re saying!! portuguese is stupid hard haha:/ so I just kinda sit and smile and nod and fry my brain trying to translate the few words I recognize while I eat everyone´s food 🙂 haha it´s rough. so I just talk to all the kids and mess around with them and play soccer in the street!!! it´s a lot of fun and I actually kind of understand them!

rough week, great people, I´m still super white. I LOVE YOU ALL! mob steady, love the Lord, peace be the journey. here´s my address for all you beautiful people that like sending mail!

AOS 5/6 Bloco A



CEP 70660-665

Drinkin from the coconut
Drinkin from the coconutttt
Padre Bernardo?
possibly Pedro Bernardo??
Policia Militar
possibly Aaron’s companion?
Sao Paulo temple
Sao Paulo Brazil temple

sunrise on the plane
sunrise on the plane
US Elders in Sao Paulo
a super sick kid we met at the CTM Sao Paulo


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