May 4, 2015 | Scooby doo and the sick gypsy woman

Talofa fam! I still have no clue what´s going on with the language, but I kinda have an idea of what´s going on with everything else! all I know is that Brazilian women love American missionaries because we´re all like.. white and have blue eyes and stuff. so cat calls are a daily occurrence! that and people trying to hit me with their cars, haha that happens quite a bit! everyone here has super crappy VW/fiat beater cars with crazy souped up sound systems, so whenever somebody drives by blasting a song with a buttload of bass it sounds like elevator music coming out of an industrial sized washing machine…

since I got here in the middle of the transfer I´m in a trio with two righteous dudes. it´s been MOST joyous hahaha 🙂 one is from São Paulo and the other is about to go home so they´re both stupid fluent and they both talk stupid fast, so that´s really awesome… they´ve been more than helpful tho! definitely here to help with their patience tho hahaha I just kinda tag along, smile and nod, eat peoples food and say all the prayers because that´s all I know how to do! but anyways!! Padre Bernardo is a brand new area that got opened this transfer, so people are literally stopping us in the streets asking us who we are and want to know why two Americans and a Brasileiro are walking around in shirts and ties. pretty dope no lie!

basically all the investigators we have just need to get married before baptism, so we´re tryna get them all hitched right now. but there IS one little girl named Laticia, she´s 8 and pretty much the studliest kid in town. we left her a couple verses to read in 3 Nephi 11 and she almost finished the whole freaking book of 3 Nephi haha! 🙂 she´s soaking it all in and REMEMBERS EVERYTHING holy goodness!!! our investigators are dope. there are more nonmembers are church than there are members, it´s just exploding. kind of amazing to see. the other set of elder here are teaching this guy with aspbergers (how do you spell that?!) named Scooby and Scooby is on fire!!! just having a hard time committing to certain things haha but he´s such a funny dude 🙂 he changes his name like everytime we see him so one day it was Scooby and the next it was Bidu and then Humilde, I dunno fam he´s just a grade A goob! we love Scooby 🙂

so we´re teaching this one guy named Corior and one or two members of his family, they live in a little gypsy community. but literally EVERYONE in that community is related, so you just get this weirdy mcwild voodoo incest deep dark jujumagumbo vibe whenever you walk in that place. but Corior is the man! ANYWAYS two weeks ago he asked us to pray for one of the ladies in the village because she was sick. anddd we went back on friday and found out that she died like 3 days later SOOO that was kind of a bummer. looks like the Lord had other plans for her!

it´s been really humbling this week. since I don´t know the language and everyone that CAN basically refuses to speak english with me, the only time I can really communicate with anybody during the week is when I read the scriptures or talk to my Heavenly Father! which has been awesome 🙂 personal study is the highlight of my day because I can understand what´s going on and I´ve grown to really love the scriptures!!! it´s been a real good old fashioned time with some good gooood doctrine 🙂

Abraço, peace be da journey!

liter of acai
This is a liter of acai.
liter of acai all gone
Anddd I ate it all haha 🙂
companions selfie
companions selfie
Dany y Tim bldg
Dany and Tim your love makes me young!!!
We saw Toucan Sam; the tree was raining Froot Loops, no lie
We saw Toucan Sam; the tree was raining Froot Loops, no lie

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