May 11, 2015 | bro this is serious I need a golden caption for this email

Ya boi has been transfereddd. haha it was a good 2ish weeks in Padre Bernardo but my guess is that President realized that since the only language I know is English, it probably wasn´t a good idea to keep me in an area that just opened. Naw I have no clue but that Heavenly Father of ours always knows what´s best for us! so in Recanto I shall stay. Recanto is a suburb of Taguatinga (I think… I fell asleep on the bus ride over here haha I have no idea where I am) for those of you who like to research where in the world I´m living! @mommaA

I´ve been dying this week, so not a buttload of awesome stuff has happened!! which is sucky, but I´m learning something from it! or at least I´m supposed to 🙂 we thought it was dengue (sounds pretty righteous I think) but Sister Lundgren wife of the day 1 fam President Lundgren said it wasn´t, so I´m banking on that! either way I´ve just been sleeping and drinking water and eating jello cause that´s like the only thing that will actually stay down haha:)

sorry this one is kinda short! but I´ll just throw in a couple random things that happened in Padre Bernardo:

-we started teaching an English class and dangalang it was so fun!! that was the only time I knew what the heck was going on

-some of the people we met were into this whole `we´ll go to your church if you come to ours`kinda thing, so we´ve been to a lot of Brazilian holy roller churches and stuff like that! but we were at this one and we had to leave early because we had another commitment and this female pastor chick came running after us and started talking to Elder Clark in a language that even I knew wasn´t portuguese and every now and then she would say `raise your hand`. she said it like 3 times and then Elder Ribeiro raised it for him and she started poking different parts of his hand and mumbling in this creepy language, so that was awesome! it kinda went like this: carpe diem carpe diem Elder that sounds like latin, that´s hellspeak GRAB THE HOLY WATER

this week is looking up, no worries! I´ll have some good stuff by next Monday if I don´t die hahah 🙂 I love you all!

tchau tchau bênção

peace be da journey


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