May 18, 2015 | momma I madeee it

I´ve survived another week!! it took me til about Thursday to feel well enough to get out of bed and actually eat something, but from then on we hit the ground running! like literally running.

Haha sooo my comp is Elder Pereira, he´s from Fortaleza, he likes coconut water and starburst, he likes to dance (he´s actually pretty legit haha) and knows some english!!! Which is really nice, because he tries so hard to explain things to me but he talks so freaking fast so sometimes he just explains in english and then everybody´s happy! He´s like super overexcited about walking which is kind of annoying because he walks so FREAKING FAST I can´t deal hahaha it´s kind of ridiculous! he´s a good kid tho, just wants people to hear about Jesus! and he wants people to hear about Jesus from me especially, so he tries to get me to talk a lot!!! which usually just comes out in random gutteral sounds and me trying to explain things with my hands like I know Brazilian sign language or something. it´s so awesome.

I feel like a majority of my emails have been me complaining about the language and how hard it is and how much I miss serving in the states and how bad I just want to be fluent already because I have no idea what´s going on. which are all true! but I´ll try to talk about something else 🙂

“Never feel shame for trying and failing. For he who has never failed has never tried.” -OG Mandino this is something I´ve been thinking a lot about this week, and I´ve had a lot of time to think since I was in bed until Thursday. my bro Elder Clark wrote this down for me when I first got to Padre Bernardo and got super mad because of the language. I´ve kept it in my shirt pocket (DON´T WORRY MOM I DON´T WEAR THE SAME SHIRT EVERYDAY, IT CHANGES SHIRT POCKETS EVERY DAY.) since then! I need the reminder fersure! and I love the promise that comes in D&C 100 that talks about not being confounded before men. It´s pretty helpful to know that even if I don´t really know what I´m saying, if I´m trying to talk to somebody about the gospel I won´t totally screw up!

this applies in English too!! we don´t have to be worried about WHAT we´re gonna say or HOW the person is going to react because the Lord is ALWAYS looking out for us and He will ALWAYS help us in the very hour that we need it. and He will be preparing that person to receive it. that Heavenly Father of ours knows what He´s doing fersure 🙂 haha what a cool guy!

I love you all! it´s hard to send mail out this way but if you´re down, go for it!!! probably one of the coolest things in the world is getting mail haha 🙂

peace be da journey!


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