May 25, 2015

What even happened this week?! time goes by so fast here, I don´t know what it is!! haha but I´m loving it fersure. so here´s a little worldly update on the area I´m in:

so recanto (which I guess is short for recanto das emas) is basically a giant emu reserve but there aren´t any emus and I couldn´t be any more disappointed about that. just tryna ride an emu ja feeeel?! I saw some back in padre bernardo tho, so that was pretty tight. a lot of things just kinda run free in the streets here! dogs, chickens, horses, shirtless children, you name it and it´s probably playing soccer in the road. haha I love it 🙂 earlier this week a guy came up to us and basically said SUP BOYS I HAVE AIDS and then we got to talking, turns out he took the lessons for like 15 years back in ceilândia! even tho he wasn´t interested in hearing about the gospel, it´s crazy to see how these people just land in our path. that Heavenly Father of ours really knows what He´s doing.

so we´re whitewashing our half of the area, it didn´t half missionaries for a transfer or two. but we´ve been finding a lot of new people to teach and a lot of them are pretty solid!! but half of them work on sundays and the other half are just too proud to go or something like that.

we´ve been teaching these awesome people that we met outside the church, they live literally right across the street haha! Gilderson is a single dad and works in Taguatinga and he uses a lot of slang and slurs everything he says so I never understand a lick of what the dude says but he´s awesome! And then his sister Marilane does something I´m sure but she´s never home… but her daughter Vitória is the real mvp. straighttt haha she´s 8, and yesterday she spent like the first two hours that we had church trying to get her family up so they could go!!! we swung by right before sacrament and picked her up. such a freakin champ!! the three of them are on date to be baptized on the 7th, so we have our fingers crossed in our prayers.

I love these people. I love this country. I love this church. and I love all of you guys!!! I hope yall know that. and I hope yall know that this church we have is the greatest blessing we could ever have! the Atonement, the plan of salvation, the Book of Mormon, eternal families, temples and those amazing blessings, the whole 9 yards! something I tell these people a lot (or at least I think this is what I´m saying): I wouldn´t be here if it wasn´t true. I wouldn´t be in another country 1000s of miles away from my family and my friends and my dog and chick fil a and shorts trying to learn another language to tell people about a church if it wasn´t true. there´s no way it´s not!!!

that´s my piece, that´s my shtick. A Adams. read ittt

peace be the journey! tchau tchau bênção 🙂

Elder Adams


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