This week has been a week! hahaha my boy Elder Pereira´s been sick on and off all week so it´s been hard to get a whole lot of work done but the champ keeps chuggin (coke)! legit the dude drinks more coke than anyone I´ve ever seen in my extensive 19 years of life experience. it´s freakin nuts. haha I love that kid!

aight so our investigators are on point one day and the next they make me want to jogar mesas all over the place! they´re just difficult sometimes haha:) we have one family we´re teaching who are so freakin prepared but they just can´t go to church for some reason!!! “oh I slept in” “I forgot” “I got hungry” stuff like that haha it´s ridiculous. the dad- Francisco- legit bears his testimony in every lesson and it´s enough to make a grown man cry but the brotha can´t commit to waking up and going to church. it´s annoying hahaha but he´ll get there! we have faith and we pray all the time for these people because I´ve come to find out that you fall in love with the people you teach and there´s no going back from that. ever.

I gotta keep this one short!!! so right quick we started teaching this 14 year old kid named Marcos. the dude is a freaking animal he´s so prepared it´s stupid haha!!! he´s getting baptized next week, such a stud. we love Marcos. I´ll update yall more on him and everything else next week!

I love chick fil a and I love all of you!!! the church is true, the book is blue, we have a lot of work to do. look for ways to help someone everyday this week. pet a puppy. hug a stranger. buy a pizza. don´t talk to strangers. read your scriptures, say your prayers, and Jesus will make EVERYTHING all right.

peace be the journey

Taguatinga stake fireside. Elders Hardy, Lenon, Noyes, Van Wagoner, Adams, Lima
Taguatinga stake fireside. Elders Hardy, Lenon, Noyes, Van Wagoner, Adams, Lima

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