June 8, 2015 | so I thought to myself, “it’s a Monday.”

Just assuming if Olan Rogers served a mission, that would be the subject to his emails like every week for two years, so fingers crossed on that one. I´ll ask him sometime and find out for yall.

before I get started I would like to express my utmost sadness for the lack of leg day that occurs in this part of the world. but I think I´ve got the Recanto das Emas lifting formula down to a T:

1) stretch in front of the squat rack, so everyone thinks you´re doing legs. they´ll be impressed

2) wear sweats so people can´t tell that you actually don´t do legs

3) do a set of quarter squats with maybe 45 kilos

4) spend the next hour and a half to two hours on the pec deck machine and doing curls in front of the mirror


so here´s my weekly shtick: M is still on fire and still being an animal, so his baptism for next sunday is still looking pretty prime! he lives with his aunt and all his cousins so there´s like 8 people in one tiny little house, pretty stupid crowded in there with two missionaries on top of it. his cousins and aunt are all members but M is the one that gets them all to church every week! the only reading the scriptures, the only one praying. our lessons usually go like this: “so here´s all the commandments, any problems?” “naw fam I´m straight, I´m just tryna get dunked you feel me?” he´s on fire! We love that kid 🙂

so like I said last week, a lot of our investigators are like super lazy and don´t do anything which legit makes me want to throw heavy objects to and fro with the greatest of ease because they just don´t get it. hahaha that´s my problem I get really freakin mad when they don´t understand HOW HAPPY this gospel can make them and how much reading the scriptures and praying and going to church can help their lives. and they don´t do it. it´s frustrating. BUT Heavenly Father knows what He´s doing, just waiting for us to be humble enough to take our hands off the wheel so He can steer the situation in the direction He knows it needs to go. excuse my car pun, it probably drove you nuts.

but life goes on!! some of our investigator fam is really starting to take strides in the direction thats gonna make them all happy and love Jesus and stuff and it´s SO FREAKING COOL to see these people turn their lives around and how happy they get and stuff!!! and then they get all stoked to see us when we come! okay sidetracking for a second everybody hugs everybody here. pretty freaking awesome haha it´s “oh hey thanks for bringing my food man you´re a high quality guy here´s a hug hope the family´s doing great here´s a R$50 tip do ya like mike and ikes? oh you like the mike and ikes lemme buy you some mike and ikes gosh dangit man I love you man here´s another hug” haha ITS SO GREAT I´m where I´m supposed to be 🙂

the gospel is true in case yall didn´t know. cause I´m living 1000s of miles from home in another country because of a book. because I prayed about that book and the stuff in it and my boy Heavenly Father came through with an answer. sooo yeah! have a great week being great back on the homefront and eat some chick fil a for me!!!! 🙂

peace be da journey


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