June 15, 2015

I´ve been slackin fam. so I´m bout to DIIIVVVEEE INNN lezgiddit.

YEEE so we have about 623 thousand investigators and only like 3 or 4 of them ever do anything to progress, and those 3 or 4 change from week to week which is like the 3rd most annoying thing in this world of planet earth. right next to not getting enough chick fil a sauce and only being able to get chick fil a 6 out of the 7 days of the week. but that´s bearable. bareable? forget it my english is trash at this point. BUT ANYWAYS

aight sooo looks like I´m keeping this one short today, so I´ll give yall a really short weekly shtick:

-we met two families this week that are freaking unbelievable. both referrals, one is a part member family and the members are less active. but both of these families are so prepared to receive the gospel and so humble hearted and they´re already starting to change things. bom de mais muda a gente e que eles ficam bem feliz por causa dessas mudanças. masss eles são bom demais e nos receberam muito bem! da hora com certezaaa but I gotta bounce and cry repentance unto every nation kindred tongue and people SO I LOVE YOU ALL EAT CHICK FIL A AND WRITE LETTERS TO YOUR GRANDMOTHERS AND ME

peace be da journey

Elder Adams


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