June 22, 2015 | I think we all have an irrational fear of slipping on banana peels

First off, a late happy birthday to Coach Troy Adams of the Adams clan, who is now old enough to get the first Wednesday of the month 10% senior discount at the grocery store! you´re the best dad I´ve ever had! that rhymed. unintentional.

okay before I get started GREAT GATSBY IN NEW EGG ABOVE do I have a story to relate unto ye the people of my mass email. aight so thursday Elder Pereira and I were walking to the bus stop to snag a yung ônibus to our lunch appointment. reppin our various gangs “AYE IMMA MISSIONARY FAM” “ETERNAL LIFE SQUAD UP SATAN YALL CANT MESS” stuff like that and then our lives changed forever. one of the local drunks (we have a lot of those, they shower very unfrequently) came up to us and grabbed my hand and started shaking like there was no tomorrow. using Elder Adams translate, this is more or less how our conversation went:

hellooo! you are a Mormons guy yes? yeah I am can you let go of my hand sir you… you have beautiful eyes. I like your eyes. you are very beautiful! aye thanks boss can you let go of my hand are you american? yes you´re american. red white and blue through and through fam let go of my hand please I´m starting to lose feeling do you like bon jovi? *starts speaking in tongues because he thinks I speak german* yeah sure he´s alright I like you *looks at my nametag from point blank* Adams. do you like me? well ya know Jesus said to love everyone so let´s go for it!

then he started crying.

so this cycle went on for about 20 or 30 minutes. that shirt is now tear stained with a .8 blood alcohol rating but that´s my story for the week, now I´m long overdue for telling yall about investigators!!!]

so MVP as of late is Marcos! we had his baptism yesterday after church and man do investigators look good in that celestial white! he was the only member of his family that wasn´t a member, and the rest of them are all inactive. but since he´s been meeting with us, almost all of them are going to church now and reading the scriptures as a family and stuff. he´s seriously carrying the load with them, he´s such a stud! we had to postpone the baptism a week tho… he was at a buddy´s house for some soccer tournament in Val Paraíso, and he was supposed to get a ride home thursday so he could be home in time. but because of his “friend” (who was too lazy to get up and drive Marcos home) he didn´t get home till the following monday. ergo no baptism. straight up there were SO many things getting thrown his way that could have kept him from getting baptized. which was scary because Satan was working so hard to keep him from getting closer to his Heavenly Father. but it strengthened everyone´s testimony because if the church WASN´T true, there would be nothing in his way.

next is the homieee Cristiano!!! haha dude´s an animal. he´s been less active since he was 22, served a mission in Rio. we met him in the grocery store hahaha and since then he´s been coming back to church and doing everything he´s supposed to, we´re working with him on MANNING UP AND MARRYING HIS GIRLFRIEND WOO WOO and he´s given us like 30 bajillion referrals hahaha it´s nuts! we´ve gotten a lot of them on date to be baptized. people are being prepared here left and right!! and Cristiano has been a huge help 🙂

sooo we have a lot of less active members that like went off the deep end after joining the church and they´ve killed people.. which is kinda creepy going and visiting them but they all REALLY wanna get back to church and make things right. seriously so amazing to see the effect the gospel and the Atonement have on these people. it´s awesome gosh dangit the church is cool.

BEFORE I GO: random crap that happens in Recanto das Emas:

-the members here judge harder than any other place on the planet. of this I have a testimony.

-there´s been a state fair equivalent going on this last week. we walked past it last night on the way back to our apartment and I saw three dudes doing some weird brotherhood initiation by snorting coke out of each other´s hands

-gunshots are an hourly thing here. and by hourly I mean like every 5 minutes, but it varies. gets worse at night haha 🙂

that´s my piece, that´s my shtick. write letters to your mom and your grandma and hug your dad bc fathers day buy some pizza and write me letters too because I miss people that speak english.


Elder Adams

baptism of Marcos_2 June 2015
Elder Pereira and Elder Adams with Marcos
Elder Pereira and Elder Adams with Marcos
Elder Pereira and Elder Adams with Marcos

 IMG_0357 IMG_0367 IMG_0374 IMG_0380


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