June 29, 2015 | Happy Birthday week America I miss you

First, I would like to congratulate my good friend Lady Liberty on her 239th year of life and 239th year of BEING THE GREATEST COUNTRY THIS SIDE OF THE UNITED STATES OF THE GALAXY. so blow stuff up, play baseball, eat meat and apple pie, shoot guns wrestle bears wear American flags send me your 4th of july selfies and do some squats for me this Saturday. but most importantly, hug your mom. BOOMDEEZY.

so we ran into my secret admirer again last week, he tracked us down at a busstop and started speaking in tongues again which is getting kinda annoying because everyone thinks I´m german when I´m like 1776% American.. we leave our lunch appointment out in RIACHO FUNDO (that´s the other end of the freaking planet for anyone that wanted to know) get on the bus and all we hear is “ADAMS! ADAMS! I LOVE YOU! NICE TO MEET YOU DO YOU LIKE BON JOVI ASDFUHNFACHSDJFAS”

then it was my turn to start crying…

so everything has been great as of our last beautiful day of peace and rest! Marcos received the greatest gift anyone could ever receive at church yesterday!!! and smack dab in the middle of confirmation one of our investigators just starts snaggin pics like there´s no amanhã like dangalang!!! so that was kinda weird. but she was taking pictures of everything at church so it was starting to grow on me there, she´s a cute old lady that Asunção of ours haha 🙂

Cristiano (our less active referral machine) has been doing really solid! he invited his lil girlyfriend to start taking the lessons and the chick is a stinkin genius!!! like dangalang. she used to be a jehovah´s witness, but stopped going a few years back. she just prays her butt off everyday, she´s definitely a fat help getting Cristiano back into the swing of things. it´s real noice baby REAL NOICE 🙂

we have this family we´re teaching that live behind a little churrasquinha place in a one room apartment. alllll seven of them haha its nuts trying to fit two missionaries with reasonably large behinds in there! but SUPER humble people, we fell in love with them day one! it´s just hard to really get anything done because the parents are always fighting!!! we went over there two days ago and like half the kids were crying and the parents were screaming and throwing stuff, there were some unhappy spirits partying it up in there fersure. just had a gnarly feeling in that house. so we thought hey man GREAT TIMING!!! 🙂 but we just rode it out until the yelling stopped.

Elder Pereira calmed the parents down because he actually speaks portuguese and I got all the kids to take their chill pills and we were looking at pictures and stuff of all you great people! we said a prayer with them and the silence was thick enough to chew DANGALANG the spirit was legit right then. we just kinda quietly let them know that we loved them and were praying for them, I gave the dad a picture of the Gilbert temple and we left. we saw him at the pharmacy like an hour later and he was STILL looking at the picture. temples man. they´re something special.


I have not changed my mind one bit

About regaining youth.

We’re meant to age, for with it

Comes a knowledge of the truth.

I now can say with all certainty

That I know and love the Lord.

I can testify with them of old

As I preach His holy word.

I know what He felt in Gethsemane

Is too much to comprehend.

I know He did it all for us;

We have no greater Friend.

I know that He will come anew

With power and in glory.

I know I will see Him once again

At the end of my life’s story.

I’ll kneel before His wounded feet;

I’ll feel His Spirit glow.

My whispering, quivering voice will say,

“My Lord, my God, I know.””

and let me tell you guys something. I know!

so the Lord loves you all. and Elder Adams loves you all too. and on top of that, they both love America. so be excellent to each other, and party on dudes. peace be the journey!


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