July 6, 2015 | my rabies senses are telling me its pdayyy

quick story: I got bit by a dog 4 times this week. by the same dog. innn the same lesson haha he tried a couple more times but I´m a pretty intelligent guy so I caught on to his nasty tricks and beat him off with various objects around the house hahaha so! Still no news on whether or not I need to get a rabies shot but I doubt it! I haven´t foamed at the mouth yet, or went all Michael Jackson in a full moon, but things change. so I´ll keep yall posted on that!

this week was pretty righteous!! Bispo J gave us a list of people that have been inactive since at least the first world war, so we went to town on that bad boy! that day was actually a REALLY good day, we found a lot of the people on the list. but the sad part was that most of them wanted to go back to church really bad, but either they didn´t even know where the church was because they had moved recently from another town or they couldn´t afford the gas to get there! they ALL live at the end of freaking existence, like you get to their houses and across the straight its just straight jungle haha it´s actually pretty cool 🙂

so our rescue mission was pretty successful, a lot of them showed up to church sunday! we also found a guy who works at this nutrition place and is hooking us up with GAINS GAINS GAINS ATÉ O PÓ haha nothing but protein, and we found like 80 people that wanted to hear about the gospel or wanted to get baptized! the last guy we looked for has actually been dead for like 3 years, which was a weird way to do a contact.. but we got into a bible bash with a jehovah´s witness because of it, so that was fun! I learned from the bible bash that´s really important to love all of God´s children and that getting pissed enough to throw tables is not the correct option. don´t throw tables, people don´t like it as much as yall would think!

I didn´t actually throw a table, I just really wanted to. like. really bad.

M is still an elite soul that one. what a guy! he received the priesthood yesterday, and he´s STILL the only one in his house reading the scriptures and praying everyday. and he drags everyone to church on sunday! gosh that kid. no words for what kinda damage he´s gonna do to the adversary´s face.

aye another short one BUT I love yall! prayers going out to all yall and the families of President Packer and Elder Perry this week, but we all know they´re in a place way better than here. peace be the journey!

chick fil a is still delicious

I miss peanut butter

and yalls faces

cause yall didn´t send me 4th of july pics

With all the love I can give through a handshake,

Elder Adams


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