Imma just dive in tho.

so this week we ran into a lot of really awesome people, and I only turned into a wolf twice, so I don´t think the dog bite was that bad!! so ANYWHO we met some sick people from the missão resgate from Bispo Juraçi!! it was just really dang cool to see all the great things that came from it! one family in particular would be Maria de Jesus and fam. she got married in Guará 2 like 15 years ago and was baptized, but then they split and she moved here to Recanto in 2001 while she was pregnant with Leandra (NOTHING BUT GOLD THAT CHILD GREAT GATSBY). now she´s living with this guy named Ernando, they have two more kids and she hasn´t been to church since she moved here. turns out the only reason she wasn´t coming was because she just didn´t know where the church was in Recanto das Emas… weird. like Maria just ask someone freak. BUT she´s been coming which is awesome!! Ernando is a super humble dude and pays crazy attention to everything we say, he really wants to learn! he´s struggling with kickin the booze and the cancer sticks but he´s trying SO HARD to quit!! once he does they´re getting married hahaha kinda weird conditions but they´re moving in a good direction 🙂

Leandra and Brenda are studdds. they´ve been HAMMERING us with questions since day one, and have been reading the book of mormon every dang day. we can already see a change in them!

next is João, Sandra and Diosney! freaking so prepared for the gospel its insane haha we love them 🙂 they were a referral from one of the members who is renting to them, super humble people. I think they´re from Piauí?? I could be wrong so I´ll get back to yall on that haha! but basically every lesson we have with them they´re like: “ya know, it makes sense that God would call a prophet today. he should have authority right?” “I think that my old church was wrong. I should baptized in this one.” “so I was wondering… where were we before this life? what´s my purpose here? and where am I going after this life?” haha they´re great! the day we taught them about o dia do senhor (I forgot how to say that in english) and the word of wisdom they were like well shoot. I need to tell my boss I can´t work on sundays! hey son grab the coffee and throw it out, we don´t need that anymore. só ouro.

João is trying super hard to kick the booze and the cigarettes too, it´s seriously the sickest thing to watch the gospel change these people!!

it´s another short one this week, I´m slackin fam. but I love yall!! peace be the journey.

With all the love I can give through a handshake,

Elder Adams


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