July 27, 2015 | “Elder Adams… oh so like Bryan Adams right?!”

I get that and the Adams family theme song a lot. so great. SO GREAT! aight so I only had one encounter with a drunk guy this week, he was in a minivan. hahaha he just drove up next to us really slow and rolled down his window and then he stopped. looked at me, looked at Pereira, yelled MORMONS and then drove off. anddd that was it! just some gooood times with some gooood people.

hahaha but it was a good week! last Sunday Asunção and AnaSilva brought their homie Marcos to church with them and the dude got WAY into it haha it was sick! so we scooped his address right quick so we could preach him into the baptismal font!!! turns out it´s not gonna be too hard, he´s stupid open to everything we have to say!! especially the Plan of Salvation. so Marcos´s brother was the guy that got murdered last week, so he´s been having a lot of questions about what comes next. he´s been bouncing around to a buttload of different churches trying to figure that out! so our first visit with Marcos was a quick overview of the plan of salvation because we were stupid rushed and set an appointment for the next day. so we got there the following morning and he had called two of his cousins and his recently widowed sister-in-law to listen to what we had to say… freak that was a lesson I´m probably never gonna forget. SO MUCH SPIRIT and not the school kind. although I still had the urge to like paint my body in school colors and do a buttload of pushups a piece of plywood 6 feet off the ground and scream a lot. needless to say, the Lord truly does prepare people to receive the gospel and I see that more and more everyday.

so there´s this other guy named Raul who had been to church every week for like a month and still wouldn´t agree to meet with us haha it was kinda weird.. but we finally found him at home which we thought was gonna be great!! but then we walked in the house and there was just some deep dark spiritual jujumagumbo going on in that house. freak. Raul´s mom was stupid sick and puking, his brother had just got in a motorcycle accident and was just laying in bed moaning, and his sister was sitting in the kitchen twiddling (is there a better word for that?) her fingers staring at the tv but it wasn´t even on hahahah. and during the lesson he was legit talking in a voice that wasn´t his own and laughing it was just freaking creepy. so we got the heck outta dodge. buttt ANYWAYS

Asunção and AnaSilva got baptized yesterday!!!!!!! what a good time. it´s seriously just a special deal to see someone you care so much about take that first step to returning to the life we had before we came here. the best way and pretty much the only way to live, the only way to have everlasting joy. I saw that joy on AnaSilva´s face when I helped her into the water and that´s something I´m never gonna forget. shoot.

the church is true, the book is blue, and I have so much freakin work to do. I love you guys and I love chick fil a! peace be da journeyyy.


Elder Pereira at baptism of Asunção and AnaSilva
Elder Pereira at baptism of Asunção and AnaSilva
Mission conference July 28, 2015  Elder Adams, Elder Hardy, Elder Lenon
Mission conference July 28, 2015 Elder Adams, Elder Hardy, Elder Lenon?
Elder Pereira, Elder Lenon, Elder Adams, Elder ?
Elder Pereira, Elder Lenon, Elder Adams, Elder ?
wearing glasses
emu statue
Recanto de Emas – Emu statue

Aaron glassesElder P glassesIMG_0340


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