I would first like to give a 21 gun salute to my boy Elder T-Raw LenBones who finished his mission last week. May thine plaquetinha rest in piece amigão.

 one more transfer come and gone and me and Elder Pereira are still killin it here in Emu Corner! this transfer we´re really getting after it, I have a good feeling about it haha!

so up until last night I was really depressed because I didn´t have a weekly drunk guy story to tell all yall… BUT NEVER FEAR while we were walking back to the apartment to zonk out before transfer meeting, my very first drunk friend found us on the street!! distinguished by his unmistakeable ADAMS! ADAMS! I LOVE YOU! it began. hahaha it was basically the same conversation, he still loves me, he still thinks I´m a beautiful German, he still thinks he´s gonna die, and he still likes Bon Jovi. so nothing changed with our friend! He didn´t cry as much either, just walked with us and kept trying to hold my hand. “just a good old fashioned time with some good good people.” -Westy Wallin

It´s a been a weird week but a good one! I forgot a lot of what happened, so here´s my weekly report in the words of Elder Pereira: “Só bêbados. O resto não é importante não.”

We met a lot with Marcos this week. Last Friday we gave him a Book of Mormon and by Tuesday, he was in 2 Nephi 4, had downloaded the gospel library app on his phone, had read until chapter 23 in the Gospel Principles book, deleted all of his bad lipsmackin jigaboom music and was listening to the BoM on tape. Haha the kid is a stud! He´s been asking A LOT about missionary work and how missions and mission calls go down lately. He really likes the sound of Elder Ramos, and we do too!! But he´s pretty much a missionary already. He invited like everyone on his street to his baptism and to listen to our message and stuff. He goes to every baptism and walks like 5 miles to church every week. Haha we love Marcos! We tried to move his baptismal date up a week, and he was feeling really good about it up until about Saturday night when he called us and said he needed a little more time, he wanted to make sure what he was doing was 100% right, that he was really truly following Christ. So that was okay with us! We were pretty bummed but he´s gonna get dunked here pretty quick and we all know that haha 🙂

Diosney basically bailed on us this week… Rough stuff. Everything was going great! He was reading the scriptures and praying and going to church and had an answer that this stuff is true, just like his dad! But just like his dad, he just basically woke up one morning and decided that he wasn´t feeling it. He found me after sacrament meeting last week and was like “Aye fam I´m just not feelin this Jesus thing anymore ya dig? Stay sweet” and that was it! We´re still working with him tho, he´s finna get dunked here right quick!!! He´s a really good kid. 🙂

AnaSilva and Asunção were officially confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints yesterday!! It was a beautiful thing seeing them confirmed, they looked so happy!! Haha I´ll be real it was hard not to cry, they´re special people. Asunção is turning into like our crazy grandma who only has like 8 teeth and says weirdly profane yet hilarious stuff. She has a really hard time reading (as in she can hardly read at all) so AnaSilva has been getting after her with that, she makes sure that they read the scriptures and pray together everyday!!! Ana is seriously a special girl, I´m like 389% positive that she´s gonna serve a mission when that time comes. They´ve been dishing out referrals like nobody´s business and so far all of them want to be baptized. Good good gooooood people!

I´ve been studying alot this week about temples and temple work this week and why it´s so important! So I found a little story that I really liked/thought was pretty profound from a mission president in Hawaii: “There is a prison that exists. In this prison, there are hundreds of thousands of inmates that spend everyday of their lives waiting. They walk miles to the outskirts of this prison to look at a single wall, covered in names of inmates. The names written on the wall are the names of those who will be permitted to leave the prison for a better life outside those walls. Millions of prisoners have had this chance to leave, but there are still countless souls waiting for the day they see their name, and are freed from that heavy burden. When we perform temple ordinances, we are freeing these inmates from a burden that holds them from the fount of joy that springs up unto everlasting life.” Sooo do temple work, because these people are waiting for us to help them have a joy that they haven´t had the chance to experience yet!

I LOVE ALL YALL. And here´s a word of advice from my favorite Kinkade aunt (I only have one of those, but if there were more than one Kinkade aunt she would still be my favorite): “Laughing is a good thing. I insist that you laugh whenever appropriate.”

peace be da journey


Asunção AnaSilva_Asunção


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