August 10, 2015 | Blind guys have never seen missionaries before

Well sadly, I don´t have a drunk story this week. BUT Elder Christensen (new guy in the district, dude is pretty much a stud) asked a blind guy if he had ever seen missionaries before, so we´re making strides here in Recanto! It was a beautiful thing.

It´s been a week this week. It started out kinda cool tho. So we were at a less active member´s house giving him a little mormon message and stuff, finish up, and then Elder Pereira gets a call. Went a little like this:

Alo quem fala?

Opa, why you call me? Oh, okay. Here, my companion is from America. He help you.

So turns out that we got a call from an Elder in the Boston Massachusetts mission with a referral. He had been using some website to help people learn english, and one guy got curious and started asking him like who he was, what he did, why he was all dressed up and stuff like that. So now we have this guys address and number and he lives right across the street from the church. Technology is pretty cool when you´re saving souls lemme tell ya. But we went over there and he´s super lazy and doesn´t want to actually learn, just wants to bash on our religion because his whole family consists of Protestant preachers. So that´s really frustrating and we´re still trying. But really dangalangin cool that the work of the Lord is progressing in the way that it is!

Marcos got baptized yesterday!!! Came out of the water crying, he was so happy! The kid´s an animal, already asking a buttload of questions about missions and how they work and what his name would be if he were a missionary. But the baptism was a crazy spiritual experience for everyone there, Marcos especially. He had invited like his entire neighborhood to the baptism that day, it really means a lot to him, these changes that he´s making and the strides that he´s taking. (That rhymed. Unintentional.) But really tho, Marcos is a special guy. The Lord has some really big things in store for him and his family.

Diosney moved to Valparaíso… it was really up and down with that kid haha! One week he was absolutely 100% against going to church and being baptized and everything and then the next week he´s like man I´m feeling really good about all this I wanna get baptized so bad!!! Like dangalang Disney with an O in the middle make up your mind! Naw but he´s a great kid, he´s trying really hard. Passed his address and stuff to the missionaries there, we know he´s gonna get there sooner or later.

AnaSilva has her heart set on being a missionary. And nothing could make me more proud, that girl is amazing. She does more on her own with studying and praying and helping her mom and being a little missionary to her friends at school than almost the entire ward. Haha she´s doing big things already 🙂

We met these two less active members a couple weeks ago and invited them back to church, and now they´re on fire. Like dangalang. We have FHE with them like once a week it seems like and they´ve been inviting their neighbors who are SO PREPARED with a few problems. But ain´t nothing the Lord can´t fix ya dig? Jesuíto (the dad) has gone to church every week and is reading the Book of Mormon like crazy, and Laiane (oldest daughter) is the freaking bomb. She´s really the only one with common sense in the family to be totally honest. They´re all great and ready for the gospel, but everyone has their cross to bear ya know? More to come with them next week.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: so we were at Iêda´s house earlier this week just to see how she was doing, how work was and if she was able to find another job so she doesn´t have to work on Sunday, if she´s reading the Book of Mormon, all the good stuff! We love Iêda, she´s like the coolest lady we know. And after we had talked for a little bit she was like aye fam eat this food we have so many leftovers (I would now like to re-emphasize our infinite love for Iêda due to the fact that she gave us food)! So we go to town, and then give her a little spiritual thought before we leave. The whole time this is going on I´m straight mobbin with Yasmin her 4 year old daughter, talking about her school and stuff like that. After the dinner message Yasmin grabs my hand and pulls me down, looks me in the eyes and said: “A lot of people come over to talk to us about ‘the word’. But you guys talk different than them. *long dramatic pause* You guys know the word.” At that point I was like choking on air and food and the stupid amount of Spirit that punched me in the face hahaha I didn´t know how to respond to that. But it reminded me of the scripture “Except ye become as little children ye can in nowise enter into the kingdom of Heaven.” Not sure if that was a diret quote or not so don´t count on me for that. BUT that was like the high point of my life up to this point.

I LOVE YOU GUYS and I love this church. And I love my Savior Jesus Christ and every last thing that He has done for me and the example He has set for all of us here. That we can love and serve everyone we come in contact with, because we know they´re our brothers and sisters of a loving Heavenly Father. That we can become absolutely clean of all our sins and return to live with our families forever in the presence of the Lord.

HAVE FAITH, BECOME CLEAN THROUGH REPENTANCE AND BAPTISM, RECEIVE THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST… and endure to the end. Because I guarantee you that 11 times out of 10 there will be refreshments.

peace be the journey


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