Aug 24, 2015 | Everyone is happy happy happy in emu corner

– As and An have been straight studs lately! I mean they always have been haha but they´ve been lil missionaries. They came with us to visit a friend of theirs and we taught them the Restoration and As was like “I haven´t missed a Sunday since I started going to church. Because ain´t nobody screamin the Holy Ghost and blastin lipsmackin jigaboom music, everybody shuts up and listens and everyone is happy happy happy. But I know it´s true, I´m never leaving.” haha it was so great!! She´s turning into like the mom of the ward in Recanto das Emas. And An has invited a new friend to come to church with her basically since the day she got baptized, that girl is something special. Hahaha I feel like a proud dad or something!

– I met some more drunk friends on Saturday! One of them took us to a bar and bought us apple juice and told everyone there that we were his German friends. Which totally doesn´t make sense cause Elder Pereira is like browner than Momma A´s brownies. (ps mom my birthday is in a few months and I miss those… wouldn´t even be mad if yall sent some.) But he was pretty nice, he had some brand shpankin new white cowboy boots, he was real proud of those. And the other guy was named Neemias, he sold us 12 year old peanuts and tried to pray to us on the street. Dangalang Neemias. Do you know how embarassing that is? Probably not. So my advice for yall in this situation is this: always accept free juice, and don´t pray to people on the street. It´s really weird and people look at you funny.

– So highlight of the week is Luan and Ludimila no doubttt!!! They´re less active people that live like a block down from us. We´ve been chillin with Luan for awhile, he´s a good good guy. Just a good old fashioned time with some good good people. But we had never met his sister Ludimila before! So we got to talking and she totally opens up about some of the reasons she went inactive and everything for the last 8 years. So we shared a SCRIPTURES GO BOOM IN THE SQUAT RACKS OF THE HEART AND THE SPIRIT THUNDERCLAPS THE BUILDING BOOMDEEZY message with them. Anddd now she´s back at church! But this was the highlight for one reason:

I´ve always heard of missionaries chilling in a lesson with a specific person in a specific area and then they realize that they´re there for that person. I´ve had that feeling time and again in my other areas and with other people, but this time with Ludimila was different. To put in few words, I´m in Recanto das Emas right now because I need to help Ludimila. And no doubt she´s gonna help me too, because the mission thus far has been a two way street. I´ve learned lessons with these people I´ve met that I´m never going to forget.


peace be the journey

With all the love I can give through a handshake,

Elder Adams


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