NTDM!!! >:-(

I just remembered that this week and I miss that.

Before I get started, I just wanted to send yall an excerpt from the book I´m writing. It´s called “All My Friends are Drunk Brazilians”. It´s a work in progress. Hahaha so we ran into my drunk buddy again yesterday!! We started calling him Estevan. So Estevan just popped out of the groud like he always does and he followed us for a while, saying the same stuff. He still thinks I speak German, he still loves me, still thinks I´m beautiful. But Estevan that sneaky lil guy he switched gears on me this week, he asked me about Iron Maiden. And then he started singing to me 🙂 anddd then he started crying on my shoulder. And then he bit me.

I was bitten by a drunk man.

Sooo if I wind up going through another MJ moonlight transformation or something into a drunk zombie this week I´ll let yall know.

And missionary highlights!

-Marcos got ordained to the office of a priest this week and received the priesthood. I´m so proud of that guy.

-Our recent converts are such good missionaries. And I love them.

– We visited Ieda and Yasmin again this week, and this is the cool thing that Yasmin said, because she always says cool stuff. She saw a picture of the Savior on one of our pamphlets and she said:

“That´s our Redeemer isn´t it?”

Yeah it is, do you know His name?

“It´s Jesus. *pause* I met Him.”

Oh yeah? Do you remember when?

“It was a long time ago… But I remember Him. I love Him. Do you love Him?”


I´m SO sorry this one is so rushed but I really do love our Savior and Friend Jesus Christ. He has done more for us than I can even begin to describe. And I promise all of you if yall start right now to truly follow Him, you will be able to see the blessings flow in insane amounts. And sometimes it´s not easy, but remember this: we don´t follow Him because it´s easy, we follow Him because it´s right.

I need to run because Estevan just found us. PEACE BE THE JOURNEY

With all the love I can give through a handshake,

Elder Adams

Aaron, Eduardo, Elder Pereira
Aaron, Eduardo, Elder Pereira
P-day soccer!



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