Sept 8, 2015 | How does the gospel taste?!

So yesterday was Independence Day here in Brasil so like everything was closed and we couldn´t email… sooo. hey. 🙂

As always, I gotta recount my experiences with drunk people because it´s literally been a weekly thing since I got to Recanto four and a half months ago. We saw Estevan quite a few times this week and the dude is starting to sober down so we actually learned a little more about him! His real name is Juan Carlos and he´s from Chile… That´s all we learned but it´s a pretty big stepping stone for this guy haha! But we invited him to church and wrote directions to the church down and stuck it in his pocket so he would remember… He didn´t. But we´ll get there!

Saturday we ran into Juan Carlos and made two other drunk friends. The first one asked me how the gospel tasted. “Is it sweet?! Is it salty?! Galego tell me how the good word tastes!!” So I told him he was drunk and then he laughed and kissed me on the forehead.

I got kissed by a drunk dude.

Then the third guy just sang to us about his earthly ministry and gave us his permission to preach the gospel to everyone in his neighborhood. I thought it was really nice of him.

OKAY LET´S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. Sooo Pedro and his family kinda fell off the map. Which was really frustrating! Pedro had been getting after his parents about reading the Book of Mormon and stuff, and had already prayed and got a testimony that it´s true! But we went over and his parents were like “Aight boys so here´s the shtick: We´re not ready to make commitments with God. We´re just gonna chill here if that´s okay.” It kinda sorta hurt a lot, but we´re proud of Pedro for being an incredible example for his whole family. He´s a really good kid! 🙂

Jesuíto was a referral from his neighbors Wellington and Stephanie, a less active couple. He´s a SUPER good guy, really wants to change his life around and follow God. He´s been working really hard to quit smoking and drinking and he´s been doing really good with it! And he´s made plans so that he and his wife can actually get married here at the end of the month so he can get baptized!!! He´s really the only one in his family that´s interested in the gospel right now, but he´s planting seeds! They´ve seen a HUGE growth in their dad and they´re starting to warm up to us when we come over. Good things are happening there 🙂

IEDA GOT ANOTHER JOB AND NOW SHE DOESN´T HAVE TO WORK SUNDAYS WHICH MEANS CHURCH AND SPIRIT AND BAPTISM AND RELIEF SOCIETY PRESIDENCY AND REALLY GOOD SACRAMENT BREAD BECAUSE SHE MAKES IT HERSELF!!!!!!!! Hahaha I mean the homemade sacrament bread is just a bonus, but a really good one. Because that woman can COOK! But yeah! She got another job 🙂 but the way she explained it was super cool. She was like aight guys so something weird happened. I´ve been trying for forever to get another job so I can go to church. Calling, emailing, interviews like nobody´s business but nothing! So one day I was just sitting wondering I was gonna do with my life working at this bakery and I saw the Book of Mormon yall left with me. So I read it. And the next day I got a call from the job I have now saying that they wanted to hire me, and that I wouldn´t have to work Sundays!

FUNNY HOW THAT WORKS HUH. We´re super stoked for her!!! And her daughter Karol, she´s been going to church every week and liking it a ton! They´re getting baptized on the 27th this month 🙂

Last Sunday this lady came to church and told us she was ready to get baptized. Haha we were like uhhh hey I´m Elder Adams this is my companion Elder Pereira. Who the heck are you? Turns out she met with the missionaries like 5 years ago and now she wants her family to meet with us! She´s getting married next month and the whole family wants to get baptized. The Lord prepares His children to receive His restored gospel and I see that more and more everyday I´m here.

I love all of you guys! And I love this church and how much it has blessed my life. And I hope yall realize how much it has blessed yours. To quote my buddy Elder Dodes: “As a missionary, and a member coming from America I do have everything. At least, everything that is important. I have a loving family, and a great understanding and testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and everything that it entails. Honestly my life is set.” The more time I spend here the more I realize just how truly blessed I am to have this knowledge of the plan our Heavenly Father has created for each and every one of us. To be honest, everyone on this earth has that knowledge, of where we came from, why we´re here and where we´re going. But some of us have just forgotten for one reason or another. We all knew before we came to this earth. And it´s our responsibility as members of the Church of Jesus Christ to remind our fallen brothers and sisters of this incredible plan.

It´s our responsibility to make sure that every last one of our spirit brothers and sisters are reminded of that plan so that they can take the steps necessary to an eternal life with our Father in Heaven. And once we pass through that veil and see Him again, nothing will surprise us more than the fact of how well we know Him, and how familiar His face will be to us.




With all the love I can give through a handshake,

Elder Adams

Rodrigo's baptism
Rodrigo´s baptism!!! He´s already a member but somehow his records were lost. Sooo we had to do it again? It was kinda interesting. Great kid!

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