Sept 14, 2015 | TRANSFERÊNCIAS

Eu aconteceu que eu, Elder Adams, disse a minha família: Eu irei e batizarei os filhos do Senhor, porque sei que o Senhor nunca dá ordens aos missionários da Igreja sem antes prepara um caminho pelo qual seus batismos possam ser cumpridas.

Haha so I got transferred today!!! Now I´m in Valparaíso 🙂 So now I´m with Elder Alarcon, brotha´s from Santiago Chile, he´s a sick guy! But dangalang fam. I´m gonna miss Recanto like CRAZY, those are some special special people. Elder Pereira is gonna stay there probably until the end of his mission, so he´s gonna keep me posted for sure! It´s weird leaving areas though, it feels like you´re leaving home all over again and you get all weird and sentimental and stuff and try to take everything and everyone with you. But you can´t do that because Brasilians and houses don´t fit in suitcases. And also that would be kidnapping and stealing which is against the law. So don´t do that, they probably wouldn´t appreciate it.

Here´s the highlights for the week!

– Marcos blessed the sacrament on Sunday and ya boy straight cried like a baby, that was one of the most spiritual sacrament meetings I´ve had on my mission. It was AWESOME!!! Dude was all smiley the rest of the meeting, he loves the church and the gospel more than anything… He´s a really awesome guy, I have no doubt he´s gonna serve a mission.

– Ieda finally made it to church this week!!!!!!!!! We were so proud of her, she´s been trying really hard to get there and now that she´s made that step she doesn´t wanna stop going. She said she felt something special there. And there really is something special there, try it out sometime. Church is dope k.

– A drunk guy hit on me this week. He chased me. I got scared. But that was the extent of my drunk adventures this week!

 It´s a short one this week, but it was seriously the greatest there in Recanto das Emas. There´s no way I´m gonna forget it haha! But I´m excited for Valparaíso I´ve heard a lot of good things about this place! I´ll for sure have more stuff to update on next week I promise 🙂

I love yall! peace be the journeyyy

With all the love I can give through a handshake,

Elder Adams

familia grafitti

Elder Pereira, Elder Adams
Elder Pereira, Elder Adams
w:Elder Barker
My boi Mike BARKER haha for AZ fam he went to MVHS
district meetings in the primary room are never boring. this is fact.
district meetings in the primary room are never boring. this is fact.

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