Sept 21, 2015 | Dos dias difíceis da falta de grana, de pipoca e filme todo fim de semana.

Valparaíso is so dooooppppeee!!!! hahaha it´s been a really good week, so I´ll just DIIIVE INNN


– I got stupid sick this week and lost like 15 pounds. BUT YA BOY IS BACK ADDITTT!!!!

– so my first day here we met with Debora and her now 10 year old daughter Eduarda. They´re from Rio so Debora´s got this bodacious accent that just makes a brotha smile. But Elder Alarcon has been meeting with them for a while, Debora´s had a hard time with kicking her smoking habit, but she´s come a LONG WAY holy cow!!! Eduarda tells her everyday to quit smoking like RELIGIOUSLY haha so it´s starting to take effect and Eduarda is so happy!!! But anyway we taught them the Plan of Salvation and it was awesome! She was like alright boys I had this dream last night about my dad, he passed away a couple of years ago and I´ve been wondering about where he could have gone… Haha it was perfect! The Lord prepares. They´re just a happy family and I am 100% positive that it´s coming from the gospel, they can´t get enough of it! Eduarda is already almost to Mosiah in the Book of Mormon haha the girl reads like nuts. Their baptism is next week!

– We met this kid on the street named Gustavo and he stopped us and was like hey I go to your church all the time with my family, it´s pretty cool. We were like whoa wait what who are you do you wanna get baptized. Haha it was so cool!! We´re going this week to visit him and get things going, we´re excited.

– Gustavo is like 6’6″ and 300 pounds. He´s 17.

– We had a baptism yesterday! His name´s Gabriel, the kid is an ANIMAL!!! He´s setting a huge example for his parents which says a lot about an 11 year old. He´s got a HUGE heart and that makes ya boy happy. Because loving everyone is what Jesus did and still does, so we should try and do the same.

– HIGHLIGHT: We met with this girl named Karol (her grandma Nelma got baptized like 2 or 3 weeks ago) and her boyfriend Daniel earlier this week, the lesson was ridiculous!!! Daniel was really concerned about baptism; he was baptized in another church already but was never confirmed, so he was super worried that he wasn´t doing it all in exactly the right way. So we explained the way it should be done, and he was totally stoked!! Haha he was like “So wait… Can we do this right now or how long do I have to wait?” They all just really want to follow God! The spirit was like burning everyone in the room the whole lesson. Karol was super worried about praying and asking God for an answer because she didn´t think He loved her enough to give one… Like she started crying because she wanted to know so bad that it was true! But we felt like she already knew. Then Karol´s mom came home just in time for the closing prayer, and they asked if we could kneel for it so HECK YEAH we did! So then the spirit came in and punched all of us in the gut again it was just a special lesson with a special family. I felt like I had known them my whole life. They´re getting baptized in three weeks.

There´s just one downside to my new area… I have no drunk friends. 😦 I´m actually really upset about that, they made things more fun! But it´s chill tho because the church is true and Brazilians are fam. Sorry it´s kinda short-ish this week but I love all yall!!! Thanks for being my family.

peace be the journey

With all the love I can give through a handshake,

Elder Adams


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