October 5, 2015


– the supermegaultra baptism was a huge success!! We had people from almost every ward in the stake getting baptized this weekend and it was super cool because they were all making new friends and it was just great. Debora and Eduarda LOVED conference and the baptism and everything. They´re two incredible people.

– so Elder Alarcon has had an eternal investigator here named Genilson that was just waiting on the cartório to get married so he could get baptized. And this Friday it FINALLY fell through so we went to their wedding and he got baptized Saturday night! 🙂 It was a super special deal because Alarcon´s old companion that finished his mission last transfer came back to baptize him! They were like best friends so it was really awesome to see how happy Genilson got with the whole deal. He´s a super awesome guy and loves the church and how much it´s changed his life these last few months.

– Karol, Ana Paula, Daniel, and Ana Luiza are my favorite people in this area hands down. They´re all working to get baptized here in the next couple of weeks and everything is going great with them. For real tho it´s crazy with this family. I feel like I´ve known them my whole life I love it! I told them that I knew for a fact that before this life I knew them and loved them just as much as I do now and their only response was “ya know what.. you´re probably right.” I love this family. They´re my best friends here hahaha I just love being a missionary and helping people realize just how important this gospel is in our lives.

I LOVE YOU ALL and I hope yall know how much I do. peace be the journey. and as requested:



With all the love I can give through a handshake,

Elder Adams

Debora & Eduarda
Elder Alarcon, Debora & Eduarda, Elder Adams
G wedding
Wedding of Genilson
Genilson & bride & Elders
Genilson & fam
Genilson baptism
Baptism of Genilson
beautiful mural
beautiful mural

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