Oct 12, 2015 | Happy Birthday Taylor Adams

Sooo it´s my sister´s birthday this week and for everybody that knows her she really loves in n out and frozen yogurt and stuff so GO TO MY HOUSE AND TAKE HER OUT TO EAT THESE WONDERFUL CREATIONS SHE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER I PROMISE. But seriously though, she would really appreciate that. And so would I. But mostly Taylor, she loves all of you! So if you can, please do that it would be the coolest.


– Unfortunately, Juan Carlos relapsed this last week and he´s back to his sneaky ol tricks so we´ll have to wait a little while for that young man to get it all sorted out. Hahaha I actually miss that guy he made life way more interesting.

– Got bit by another dog and I am 100% convinced due to the number of times I´ve been bit that I´m immune to rabies and I could very well be turning into the teen wolf. But the cool Michael J. Fox 80´s movie version, so I hope I get good at basketball here pretty soon.

– So Gislaine and Nicolas (from Recanto, shoutout to Pereira for keeping me updated) are getting all ready to GIT HITCHED AND JUMP RIGHT IN THE WATER!!! We´re all super stoked for them, especially Nicolas. Brotha has been through way more than people should ever have to.

– Mayara´s mom has been getting on her tail as of late because she wants her daughter to “choose a side” like it´s a real life version of Alfalfa leaving the He Man´s Woman Hater Club??? She´s a very nice difficult lady, but we´ve been working with her too. Mayara has been studying A LOT and she basically bore her testimony to her mom in a lesson that it was true. She has an answer, but she´s still having some doubts about which church she would be apart of. So we made it really clear to her that there´s a stupid huge difference between something that we like and that we think is fun, and something that we know to be right and brings true lasting happiness the way Elder Costa explained it in the October General Conference in 2002: “…that happiness is much more than just fun. Fun is just a fleeting moment, but happiness is a lasting thing. Many people in this world do not understand the difference between fun and happiness. Many try to find happiness having fun, but the two words have different meanings. I learned, even before my baptism, that the Lord has a plan of salvation for all His children. Through this plan, depending upon what we accomplish here on earth, we shall return to our Heavenly Father’s presence and live with Him forever in a state of eternal happiness. Both fun and happiness are fine, but certainly happiness is the most worth seeking. Happiness can encompass fun as well, but fun alone will not assure us true happiness.” She´s been studying a lot more diligently and I think she´s starting to understand that there IS a difference to those two words, and that the one that´s more worth it is the one our Heavenly Father REALLY wants for us. Happiness. And we have a plan made specifically for us so we can achieve just that. That´s pretty cool huh. I thought so too. ANYWAYS

– Debora, Eduarda and Genilson were all confirmed yesterday!!! And what made it even more special is that it was fast and testimony meeting. And what made it even MORE special is that little Eduarda got up and bore her testimony. 😰 it was beautiful!!! Haha shoot when I was 10 I didn´t have the guts to do anything like that. But she just got up and gave a two line little deal and sat down but EVERYONE IN THE ROOM teared up just a little bit. Eduarda is a special little girl. She loves the church so much! Definitely a huge example for me.

– Ana Paula, Karol and Ana Luiza are still AWESOME but Daniel (Karol´s boyfriend) is getting all molezinho on us. But otherwise everything is amazing with them! Karol and Ana Paula have been super focused on living the Word of Wisdom and they get super bummed about it when they slip up but they´re trying sooo hard!!! At the beginning Ana Luiza was pretty indifferent about everything but she´s starting to get more involved and even wants to get baptized now! They´re all going to church every week and every time we go over they show us their scriptures just COVERED in highlighter. They give the most amazing prayers. They want so bad to be better. They want so bad to live the life that Heavenly Father has wanted them to live all along, and they can see how that´s changing them. And they can´t get enough of it. And we can´t either! They´ve honestly taught us more than we´ve taught them. They´re still working hard and they´ll all get baptized on the 24th this month.

sooo here´s my life advice for the week: pet a puppy. eat a pizza. read your scriptures. pray. eat in n out. hug your mom. watch a football game. go on a drive. go to sonic. drink dr pepper. hug your grandma. eat chick fil a. read your scriptures again. hug your mom again. AND IF YOU SEE MOMMA A HUG HER FOR ME BECAUSE I MISS THAT WOMAN. Mom you´re the best mom I´ve ever had. Love you! oh and eat pizza

peace be the journey

não come pequi, só toddy.


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