Nov 3, 2015 | Every Brazilian holiday is on a monday. all of them

Sooo yesterday was the Day of the Dead here and everything was closed. We moved pday to today and spent the morning yesterday in the cemetery teaching people about the Plan of Salvation and singing hymns. It was actually a really cool experience, everyone there really appreciated it. And the spirit was sooo strong the whole time we were there, it was a special way to start the week.

We´re just gonna jump right in to the highlights tho:

– Júlio AND Ana Luiza got baptized this week!!! We were running around their neighborhood this week trying to find a house and ran into Ana Paula and Luiza. Luiza told us “Aight so look. I´m getting baptized this weekend with Júlio, is that okay?” So obviously we didn´t say no because OF COURSE ITS OKAY LU MAKE ALL THE PROMISES YOU WANT WITH HEAVENLY FATHER HE´S GONNA BLESS YALL SO MUCH. So that happened!!! And I was lucky enough to baptize them both, that was a really cool deal. We´re taking baby steps to help this whole family get to the temple and be sealed. And it´s coming together right good.

we interrupt this weekly update to address the fact that there´s a 10 year old kid next to me eating the dead skin off of his foot. 🙌

– It was a pretty slow week to be honest. But we did have some cool stuff happen! We passed by Jennifer´s to visit her and her family as like a last minute thing and put the rest of her family on date for baptism… They´re super open people!! Everything has just been making sense to them. We stopped by their house on Sunday to take them to church, but Jennifer was the only one home. Right when we left their house it started POURING. Like we were wading through the streets. And once we finally snag a bus, we get halfway there and the bus breaks down because it´s water logged. So we waited on the side of the road for a good 20 minutes for the next bus to pass by. And we finally get to church for the last 15 minutes of sacrament meeting. Jennifer was super worried that all of this was happening because of her, but we explained something to her that she didn´t stop to think about. That all this stuff was going wrong for a reason. Jennifer is a good person; God knows that, and so does the adversary. And the adversary is satisfied with good people. Because he knows that we have a divine potential so much greater than we can even begin to imagine. He knows that we can become incredible people and unspeakable instruments in the hands of God to build up His kingdom. And the devil is going to TRY to do everything he can to stop us from reaching that potential that the Lord has for us. But like we tell people out here, “Quem tenta Satanás, a gente vai lá e faz.” orrrr who tries? Satan. we go and do. She got really excited about that! Just a little something to think about this week.

– We´re still doing a lot of finding because aside from Nelma´s family, our teaching pool isn´t super big… But the Lord has done some amazing things for us already this last transfer and a little bit, and we trust Him. He constantly puts incredible people in our path and I´m so grateful I´m here with my Brazilian family. I like them. And rice and beans. And tereré. bonzinho.

Sorry it´s not super lengthy this week, there will be more to come next Monday I promise!! peace be the journey. I love you all!!!

Companions!  Elder Adams and Elder Alarcon
Companions! Elder Adams and Elder Alarcon
Elders with Julio and Ana Luiza’s family
Julio and Ana Luiza’s baptism day
Elder Alarcon, Julio, Ana Luiza, Elder Adams
Julio baptism
Elder Adams, Julio
Ana Luiza baptism
Elder Adams, Ana Luiza

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