Nov 9, 2015 | You’re crazy, waterfall!

I´m learning Brasilian slang and that was a direct translation.

Well fam, it´s been a week. Yep. A whooole 7 days. Pretty crazy stuff, right? Yeah I thought so too.

Nawww but for real it´s been really good!!! I´ll just get right into it. So earlier on we taught Jennifer and her family about the gospel of Jesus Christ. And thanks to the updates I get from Momma A and Coach Troy, I learn some things every week about this kind of thing. About the gospel, about how we can become more like our Savior and everything good. So a long time ago they taught me how to train a horse, courtesy of that spry youngster Max Lamoreaux. And they also made the connection that training a horse can be likened unto a true repentance, leaving all our wants and cares aside and accepting the hug our Savior is offering us once we surrender to His will. And once that hug is accepted we (the horses) are trained. So I used that example with them to teach them this principle, and yall know what little 10 year old Joyce did? She walked right up and hugged me. It might have been the most innocently beautiful and profound thing I have ever experienced haha it was so cool! I might have cried.

I´ve learned a lot about repentance and making changes in our lives to become the person our Father in Heaven wants us to become. I´ve learned a lot about the changes we need to make in order to become that person and achieve our divine potential. I´ve learned that here on the mission and even more so in our daily lives at home, we have one work that is absolutely crucial. One work that is going to mold our eternity. And that work is us; you are your life´s greatest work. And we need to plan for that greatest work, how we can make it the best we possibly can and then turn it over to the Lord so He can even perfect it. We not only have potential to become like our Savior and be “…purified even as He is pure…”, we have everything stacked in our favor to become like Him, be ressurrected, sanctified, glorified, and exalted. That´s pretty stinking cool. Dangalang.

Our girl Lurdes doesn´t want anything to do with us anymore, and that makes me sad. She was really nice and wanted to sell me a hammock. But one day she just sort of decided that she had had enough, and we couldn´t really argue with that, so we decided to give her some space. This has been happening a lot the last couple of weeks, but there is a reason for all of it.

I met another drunk guy this week! It´s been a really long time, but his name is Francisco. And as he said at least 7 or 8 times it was his greatest pleasure to receive us, messangers of God into his home to talk with him and his wife. But be careful with his wife, she likes to drink sometimes… (watt.) he was a funny guy! We´re gonna visit him again when he´s sobered up. His dog really liked Alarcon, like… a lot. A lot a lot. BUT ANYWAYS


Miracles happen on the mission for sure. Sooo we stopped by Ana Paula and Karol´s house a couple days ago to check up on things, leave a message with them, etc. Ana Paula was the only one home so we just chilled for a few minutes in the doorway and talked to her and shared a scripture real quick like we always do. And then afterwards she just looked at us and told us, “Alright boys so I´ve been thinking; I think I´m ready and I want to get baptized next Sunday. Is that okay?” So obviously we were like “Well ghall Paula I dunno that´s pretty tricky we might have to think about that.” NAW WE ALL CRIED WHAT THE HECK IT WAS THE DOPEST THING OF MY LIFE I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!!!! She´s really coming around. That one hit home tho, we´ve been waiting for this for a while!!! Before we know it we´re gonna have that whole family baptized. And Paula has 7 brothers and sisters so that´s like… a lot of people. Mas em fim!

As members of the restored Church of Jesus Christ, we owe the world something. We have the greatest gift anyone could ever receive, ever. We have the Book of Mormon. We have a knowledge of our possiblity to return to the presence of the Lord and live with our families for eternity. We have a testimony of the ressurrected and living Christ, that He really truly lives, and that we, through Him, may live again. And we cannot deny that. We have the tools right in front of us to bring ourselves and everyone around us unto Him. This work is so real and is more incredible than I could ever have imagined. And it is only because of the mission that I have realized that. Being born in the church I really took for granted what changes the lives of everyone I meet out here. I didn´t know if what I was doing was right at the beginning, I wasn´t sure of myself when I came out. But I will never forget the day and the moment that I knew for a surety. I waited 18 years to find out for myself, and the only counsel I have for yall is that you DON´T WAIT. Because this is the greatest thing I could ever help anyone do, come to know their Savior and Friend.

I had a lot more planned to tell yall this week, but it´s kind of rushed so I´ll update yall next week! I love you guys!!!

peace be the journey

I´m gonna add a couple of links to talks I like because Conference talks are good.

Sister Marriott of this last Conference:

Elder Holland just being the man talking about the Book of Mormon:


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