Nov 16, 2015 | Did yall know there are 200 types of mangos cause I didn’t

This one started off slow fam, but it was good because you gotta “WiN SOULS FOR JESUS PREGADORES DA LiBERDADE AQUABERRY DOLPHiN YEE YEE” as I hear so often here. So we went to work!

Alarcon got sick at the beginning of the week so I did a lot of reflecting, specifically about the Plan of Salvation. Why things happen the way they do. Just a lot of asking why. But it was good, I did a lot of reading and learned a lot. I learned that in our Father´s great and eternal plan we hold to the understanding that no one ever really truly dies. Physically OR spiritually. There is always a way way back. Like the movie about the waterpark! I loved that. No but seriously tho. The Atonement of the Savior is infinite and eternal, and through Him and His example our families can be eternal as well. This plan is absolutely incredible, and gives comfort to those who stand in need of it when they experience loss or sorrow. To quote President Uchtdorf: “In light of what we know about our eternal destiny, is it any wonder that whenever we face the bitter endings of life, they seem unacceptable to us? …Why is this? Because we are made of the stuff of eternity. We are eternal beings, children of the Almighty God, whose name is Endless and who promises eternal blessings without number. Endings are not our destiny.” We are made of the stuff of eternity. Endings are not our destiny.

I wasn´t thinking about the Plan of Salvation because I thought Alarcon was gonna die, but I guess that´s a pretty convenient coincidence.

Wednesday we had lunch at Nelma´s house and found out that her daughter Amanda and her 3 kids (the oldest being Mayara whose been out of the updates lately) are now moving in with her. Amanda used to be really closed off to us when we come over but recently has been super open and curious to the things we say and the lessons we leave there. She asked if we could get her a Book of Mormon in audio for her so she could listen while she works, so we´re really excited to see where this goes!!

Highlights reallllllyyyyy quick:

– ROBSON GOT BAPTIZED WOOHOO!!! Brotha is an animal. He already wants to get his girlfriend going to church so she can get baptized and they´re already planning on getting married and stuff.

– Alarcon turned 24 this week YEE YEE bixo tem que casar logo viu

– We had a sweet lesson with Jhenyfer and her family Saturday afternoon and invited them to go to stake conference. They were super unsure about it and being super mole about it. So we gave them like 12 reais to pay for gas, told them to think about the lesson we had about keeping the sabbath day holy and putting God´s will first, and that we would see them there in Novo Gama. And sure enough, ALL SIX OF THEM WENT I ALMOST CRIED. Another family that has adopted us, I love this area!! 🙂

– Unfortunately Ana Paula broke this week… She was working really hard on her smoking addiction but she broke. Just once, which is a HUGE improvement. But she realizes the importance of dropping that habit to live a better life and set an example for her daughters. She´s a special lady.

– Funny story. We were walking to an appointment wayyy the heck at the end of our area and some old guy came out screaming “Missionaries! Elders! Winners of souls, preachers of the saving word, messengers of God!” And we were like whoa slow down man where´s the fire we´re just normal dudes!? But we got to talking to good ol Jaçi there. He met the missionaries in 1966 in Gama when he was a teenager, he helped construct the chapel in Novo Gama and Asa Sul in Brasília, he gives lunch to the missionaries, and HE´S NOT BAPTIZED. Driest member of the church I have ever met. But he´s been giving us referrals like crazy, and mangos too. He owns a mango farm. He has 200 types of mangos in said farm.


I love all yall, remember that. Happy hump day for me in two weeks, happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and it´s my birthday in January and I like pictures of all yalls faces.

peace be the journeyyy


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