Nov 30, 2015 | Hey everyone, it´s me. Trale Lewous. Skittles is… really good.

I just remembered that video this week and I got real happy. So there´s that discreet youtube reference for your Monday. But really tho… Skittles are real tasty. Real low cheap, about one money. Give or take. OKAY

Sooo my bad for not sending anything last week, it was some shtupid shlow shtuff and I got all bummed about the work and how slow things are going BUT I write unto ye my chosen people of favorititude. That´s not a word. Because I made it up. Boomshlam! But these last two weeks have been pretty good I think, Alarcon and I sing a lot together and we eat a lot of rice and beans and we walk in the pouring rain, so we´re pretty tight for two foreigners. Diggit.

So we found out that Micael (recent convert) is Jhenyfer´s cousin! Pretty shweet, so we took him over to her house the week before last and had a family home evening there with everybody and he bore his testimony. This is something I´ve learned a lot out here, that a testimony can be incredibly powerful and bring the Spirit to these people. But when it comes from the right person, when those words come from the right mouth, it cuts deeper in a beautiful way. Dogs talk to dogs, cats talk to cats, people talk to people. But a heart talks to another heart and the Spirit talks to our spirits. So when Micael bore his testimony, it really truly came from his heart, and that hit home a lot faster than anything we could have ever done with this family. Don´t get me wrong, we love them!!! But what they needed was Micael. And two days after, Jhenyfer came to us and confessed that she had known the church was true for a long time already, ever since the first time she went to church when we picked her up in the rain and the bus broke down. So she´s getting baptized next week by guess who? Muh boiii Micael!

GUYS TRANSFERS ARE NEXT MONDAY AND I´M SO SAD CAUSE I DON´T WANT ALARCON TO LEAVE. But for real tho, that lil Chilean is the coolest. And I´m gonna miss him a lot.

I also forgot to wish yall a Happy Thanksgiving… because they don´t have that here. Sad. But ya boi whipped up some pretty NOICE maracujá pudding. Real noice baby, real noice. But for real, I hope it was great!!! And that yall played/watched a lot of football and ate lots of American food with American people in America for this beautiful American holiday… Still sad.

It´s been pretty slow otherwise! Karol and Luiza and Ana Paula are still fantastic and go to church every Sunday… But Ana Paula is still struggling with this smoking addiction and that´s really rough seeing someone like her go through that because she´s like my mom out here. *note to Momma A: you´re still the best mom ever and I love yall, but sometimes you have moms on the mission. But yous still the best mom I´ve ever had!!!* And we´re back. But we´re still working with her and I know she´s right around the corner!

Robson got confirmed yesterday YEE YEE!!!

I think that might be it for this week… I mean I´m pretty sure. If not I´ll let yall know. But anyways I love all yall! Have a great week, be stoked for Christmas, it´s my hump week this week and that´s cool, pet a puppy, eat a pizza, high five someone that´s sad, drink a yoohoo, wear your velcro shoes, kiss your mom on the noggin and hug the Walmart greeter because they´re just the nicest darn folks around.


Ay Ay ron

American Elders in Valpairaso

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