Dec 8, 2015 | Transfers

I emphasized the truth that Jesus Christ is the “light and the life of the world.”  Many of our memorable and enduring Christmas traditions include different kinds of lights—lights on trees, lights in and on our homes, candles on our tables. May the beautiful lights of every holiday season remind us of Him who is the source of all light.  And in every season of our lives, in all of the circumstances we may encounter, and in each challenge we may face, may we remember that Jesus Christ is the light that dispels fear, provides assurance and direction, and engenders enduring peace and joy.” -Elder David A Bednar (Christmas devotional 2k15 YEE YEE)

I just figured I´d start with that little quote courtesy of momma A! Because Christmas is in two weeks and I think that´s pretty neat.

WEEK: Transfers were yesterday and Alarcon left… ask me if I´m sad BECAUSE I AM I miss that guy already. But there is a lesson to be learned in everything that happens here on the mission, and I can now bear a firm witness of the Lord´s hand in missionary service. So it´ll all turn out good! My new companion is Elder Frias, he´s from Peru and he wants to be an architect. Hahaha he´s a pretty cool guy, he just wants to help everyone! So that´s good.

Jhenyfer and Mayara got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday!!! That was the best way to end the transfer for sure, it was a super spiritual meeting. Their families came to watch and they all had a lot of questions about baptisms and how they work and questions about the church and what we do and it was a sweet deal.

It´s really short this week but I have pictures and I think that makes up for it.

peace be the journey

With all the love I can give through a handshake,

Elder Adams


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