Dec 21, 2015 | Christmas

Hey fam sooo this week is CHRISTMAS and I´m stupid stoked for that!!! It´ll be just like a Christmas in the 480 too since it´s always at least 115 degrees… things are going really well here. They´ve been getter with Elder Frias, I think initially I was just trying to get used to the fact that he WASN´T Alarcon hahaha 🙂 but he´s a good kid, and once I get him excited to work he does big things! Vai ser uma transferência de grande poder HAHAHAHA we´re excited!

These emails get shorter and shorter every week and I´m sorry! They ain´t never short on love though, because yall are fam. It´s been a good week, we´ve been working really hard on finding new people to teach and help and it´s been going good!! Trying to balance everything has been tricky, but I´m starting to get the hang of it.

Just a quick reminder about why we celebrate this incredible season every year, as I´m sure everyone is already tweeting about this to show their deep spiritual side, but seriously: as we draw closer to this special time of the year, we should remember the birth of our Savior and Greatest Friend, Jesus Christ. He came into the world as the Only Begotten of the Father to lift mankind to a higher plain of living. He showed us the way home, to everlasting life with our Father in Heaven. He suffered the ultimate sacrifice that we too might live again, he paid that price so we could become like Him. To be purified even as He is pure. So that´s it, we celebrate Christmas to celebrate the birth of the Son of the Living God and the miracles he did to save every last one of us. To celebrate a love that will never end. So share that love with someone this week, because I can say with certainty that He would do the same; and can bear a firm witness that this is His work. Selfless love and service.

I love all yall, Merry Christmas! I´ll see some of yall on Friday while I´m eating some homemade chick fil a sammiches cause MOMMA A HOOKED IT UP WITH THE SAUCE.

peace be the journey


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