Dec 28, 2015 | Santa came to Brazil and he stopped at Chick Fil A on the way over

Hey fam!!!

I got a couple pictures this week and I´ll keep the rest of it pretty nice and sweet, since there wasn´t a WHOLE lot that happened this week with all the church Christmas parties and mission conferences and stuff.

Tuesday we had mission conference and this time everybody went, even the zones in Palmas and Tocantins, which means I got to see Alarcon and everybody again!!! So that was sweet. Christmas was the sickest thing of my life. It was actually legit American deal at Robson´s house Christmas Eve, with the classic rice and beans haha 🙂 we spent the next day at his girlfriend´s house and both of their families just talking and teaching and eating. Good day good day. Just a good old fashioned time with some gooood gooood people.

I stick to what I said last week about remembering the real reason for the season, in that Christ came to this earth and lived a mortal life so that we could live an immortal life. He showed us the way we should live, and everything is stacked in our favor to become like He is, and “be purified even as He is pure”. Have a great week, love yall!

Peace be the journey


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