Jan 5, 2016 | Missão é bão né? É WIE



– Carmen got baptized on Saturday!!! And then in like a week or so she moves to Texas to live with her husband… kind of a weird deal, but she´s heading out pretty soon. We had an incredible lesson with her, Robson, and her sister Maria about temples a couple of days ago and Carmen was almost in TEARS she was so excited to go to the temple. She said it would be one of the first things she does when she settles in up in Houston. Robson decided that he wants to get his girlfriend Gabi baptized so they can get married in the Houston temple when they go up later on this year… That´s one of the coolest things to hear, when people you helped come unto Christ and His restored church have the desire to continue making covenants with the Lord in His temples. That is a special special family.

– My time might be up here in Valparaíso, I have a feeling I might be leaving at the end of this transfer. But whatever happens happens! Maybe the Lord has other plans for me.

– EVERYONE went out of town for the holidays so we have nobody to visit anymore! So we basically started from scratch again this last week, trying to find new people to teach and to help. And we´ve been having a lot of success lately! Errybody in the town gettin dunked. But it´s been really good, the last couple of weeks left me feeling like an ostrich because I just wanted to shove my head in the ground and forget about all my problems. But we live and we learn, and we keep moving forward. The Lord´s hand is realized in everyday things if yall humble yourselves and seek to find His tender mercies. That comes through true repentance and submittance of your will to His. His way is higher than our way!

– In the spirit of New Year´s resolutions: Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and the wrong.  Sometime in life you will have been all of these.

My emails are getting really vague and full of pictures, but I promise I´m trying to work on that!!! I love yall, stay happy. Heavenly Father likes to see you happy. PEACE BE DA JOURNEY

ps. It´s my birthday on Saturday and I accept love letters/emails 🙂


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