Jan 11, 2016 | Happy Happy Happy

Famski. 6’5″ danski. How I have missed thee this week.

It was good!!! We had Maria’s baptism on Saturday which was probably the greatest birthday present I could have ever received!!! And later that night the rest of the elders in the district threw a fat church-approved raver at a member´s house that started and finished with a prayer so we could keep the Spirit ya know? But it was awesome, I love these guys! I forgot my camera this week, so I´ll send pictures next Monday.

Things have been going great! We keep on finding amazing people to meet with and teach. This last week I was on splits with my buddy Elder Knight in our area and we met a girl named Shaiane at the bus stop and talked to her really quick about the Restoration and about baptism. She told us how she had always wanted to be baptized but never really found a place to settle down as far as a church goes. So we invited her to church the next day and she went! She lives in a condominium (I think that´s how you spell it) right across the street from Nelma, and turns out that she gets her hair cut at Nelma´s as well. So we´s golden ponyboy. We went back and met with her and 5 of her friends and they´re all wanting to get baptized and I think that Heavenly Father of ours knows what He´s doing. In the words of Carmen, “Eu amo Deus, Ele é bonzinho né?” hahaha she´s the cutest little lady I love her.

We have been working with Ana Paula to get rid of her smoking problem since September and recently she has been taking HUGE strides… Huge. I´m so proud of her! 🙂 We want to help her to get ready for baptism this weekend, and she´s absolutely ready. She´s a special person, we´ve gotten really close these last few months. She´s my second momma haha 🙂

Another quote from Neill F. Marriott´s talk this last conference. She´s pretty cool: “Scripture says, ‘Search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good.’ This doesn’t mean all things are good, but for the meek and faithful, things—both positive and negative—work together for good, and the timing is the Lord’s.” This has been the theme of this week and I´m pretty sure this whole transfer. When we seek correction- something we all need to do- we do so diligently with a sincere desire to change, and to perfect our greatest work. Our life´s greatest work is us; to become more like Christ and to love all of God´s children with His perfect love. “Worry about changing you and only God can help you do that.” I pray that this can be something we can all work on his week, bettering ourselves in at least on attribute of Christ. His way is the only pure and perfect way, and leads to joy and everlasting life.

I love all yall! Thanks for the birthday wishes and everything yall do for me. Feel free to send me pictures of your daily lives and/or faces, because I miss those.

Peace be the journey


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