Jan 18, 2016 | Transferências de grande poder

Transfer calls came this week, and I had to leave Valparaíso. That was so hard. Paraíso mesmo! I have a family there- we made memories together, we laughed together, we cried together, we grew closer to God together and I would not have minded at all staying there for the rest of my mission but these things happen. You live you learn and you keep going forward. I´ll go back tho! So now I´m in Taguatinga with Elder S. Lima! He´s from Fortaleza and so far I´ve passed my whole mission at least living in the same house as a Cearense, so I think I have something to learn from them. I´m in the same stake as Recanto so that´s gonna be a shweet deal if I get to see some members again.

I honestly could not have had a better week to end the transfer than I did this last week. The week itself wasn´t exactly incredible as far as lessons taught or new investigators or number of people at church or anything like that. But what did happen was the greatest thing since the We Are the World video came out in 1985. Pure gold. So here´s how it went:

Sunday we went to Nelma´s house to visit everyone and Ana Paula, Carol and Luiza were all there when we showed up. We had a little family home evening right quick and we left with Paula and Luiza and walked them home. While we were walking we talked about the goals we had set with her to stop smoking, and she had still smoked the week before. It was devastating to be honest. But we set a new goal with her to not smoke this whole week so she could get baptized on Saturday and she got real serious and was like let´s blow this popsicle stand so we went to work!

Monday and Tuesday went solid, she didn´t smoke once and everything was good. And from then on it was perfect. Wednesday Elder Benedetti came and worked with me for the day in our area and he interviewed her for baptism that night.

Saturday was the day of my Brazilian mother´s baptism and I had the priviledge of helping her into the water to make a covenant with our Father in Heaven. I have never felt the joy and peacefulness of the Spirit as strong as I did two days ago in my life, it was a special day to say the least.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is restored in its fulness upon the earth, and His word continues to go forth boldly and nobly unto every ear. I have seen and felt the saving power of His infinite Atonement in the lives of those I love. This is special stuff we have available to us, we need to use it more!

I´m gonna attach a bunch of photos from these last two weeks!!! Love all yall, stay frosty. I´m on a horse.



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