Feb 1, 2016 | Só o regozijo

So Elder Lima and I have still been figuring things out and finding our groove, but this week has been good! The members have been helping a ton us to get the work running here. We walk about an hour everyday to get to our area so we can get after it, so it´s been a lot of fun.  We have been visiting quite a few families thanks to all the 98134579812375 referrals we´ve received since like last Monday.

– Adriana, Oliveira, Ricardo, Vitória and Viviane! They live down the street from our elder´s quorum president and have been good friends with his family for a few years, and they were the first family we really got to visit once we got here. Ricardo is the man, the kid has been reading the Book of Mormon like his life depends on it and has been pushing his family to do the same. He´s going to be a stud missionary. We marked with Adriana and Oliveira to enter the cartório on Friday so they can get married and baptized. Vitória is 8 and she´s my favorite because she´s really shy and she´s just a cute kid!

– Vanessa, Danielle, and Maria Clara are all friends of our EQP´s oldest daughter who have been going to church for 2 months or so, so we started to teach them as well. They invite their moms to come to church every week, and they´re starting to warm up to that.

– My drunk people encounters came to a screeching halt once I left Recanto, but now that I´m back in DF it seems like they´re coming back; so stay tuned for those. They´re a trip haha!

It´s been a pretty slow week this week as well, but we´re working hard and making a lot of friends in the best way we can; by providing a way to return to God through His restored gospel and saving ordinances. Christ is at the helm of this church. He is our Master and our greatest friend.

Another short one, although that´s normal by now. But I love all yall, yall are in my prayers, and thanks to Elder Hancock yall is stuck in my vocabulary for the rest of my life. Peace be the journey


Elder Adams


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