Jan 25, 2016 | the weekly week report of my weeks that happen on a weekly basis

I would like to inspire you all with something I saw on a shirt this week:

“She wears short skirts,

I eat pizza,

She´s cheer captain and

I´m still eating pizza.”

Yep. I still love pizza with the same fire as 14 months ago, that´s something that will never change. Haha but here´s the week:

So Monday night we ran to the other side of the city where the elders from Taguatinga 2nd live to get Elder Lima´s stuff because he was staying with them for a couple of days until tranfsers. And while we were waiting for the bus home, President called us. The conversation went kind of like this: “Elder, what´s this story I´m hearing about you guys being in 1st ward? I sent some new elders a couple hours ago on the metro, yall need to be at the Praça do Relógio in 20 minutes to pick them up and take them home.” Sooo now we have Elder Gonzalez and Elder Carvalho in 1st, and Lima and I are opening the area in 3rd which has been closed for like… a really long time. So we had to start from scratch this week!

Our ward mission leader is the studliest stud muffin that you could find at the protein-beefed muffin store- he got released as stake president in October, and before his time as stake president was the first counselor of the mission president here in Brasília… Sooo we´re starting off with the right people. Everyone is just throwing referrals at us and we already have a decent humble little teaching pool put together. I´M SO STOKED.

Here´s some random stuff that happened this week, since we´re starting off and trying to figure out where everything is:

– we went out with the EQP one night and he took us to a bunch of families to teach and it´s like the coolest thing ever having members that are excited about the work

– I still miss Valparaíso.

– On Friday this one guy passed by us and asked for a cigarette, which is pretty silly because we don´t do drugs because the dare officers told us that they were bad when we were kids.  So we said no, and he went and peed on a park bench, sat down and started to cry.

Ana Paula got confirmed on Sunday AND I´M SO HAPPY!!!!

There´s gonna be more to come this next week once we figure this place out. But I love you guys!!!

With all the love I can give through a handshake,

Elder Adams


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