Feb 15, 2016 | long live Brazilian Sam´s Club long live Brazilian samples

Two things to start off: 1) we have Sam´s club here and I´m gonna ask our ward mission leader to take us there one pday just so we can eat samples for a couple hours and then eat more samples.

2) My companion has insisted on wearing the same shirt as me everyday this transfer and it´s really starting to get out of hand. We´re matching everyday and it´s super embarassing.

These last few weeks have been awesome!!! And I´m really owing an update for you guys so I´ll try to make up for it this week 🙂

This week was awesome!! We have really started to put people on date for baptism and I´m getting stupid stoked about it. But for sure the miracle of the week was Francisca and her two kids Mariana and Iago. We met her in the park while she was talking to a member of the Primary Presidency- they live pretty close and had just met that day- watching their kids play. We had a ward activity that night so we invited her, and she went and LOVED it. And so we invited her to church and she went, and she LOVED it. Iago is a little autistic kid, and Francisca was super worried about what people were going to think about her son. She had tried going to an evangelical church a long time ago and people got really mad that she couldn´t control him, so she never went back. But the ward accepted her and treated her so well that even I felt accepted, it was a super special thing to watch. But her and her family have an incredible spirit about them, and I can sincerely feel she is going to have an amazingly powerful influence in this ward.

Iago is my little buddy, we sat together during sacrament meeting and we colored on each others’ hands. And when they got to church I gave him one of my shorter ties and he was the happiest little kid I´ve ever seen it was so great! He started asking for my Gilbert temple pin and my suit and my shoes and everything after that haha it was kinda funny. 🙂

So we had this super dope activity at the church on Saturday and we invited everyone and their dog- literally people brought their dogs. And there were over 100 people there for the activity it was so cool!!! Especially because the ward is pretty much a group, there´s a solid 40 people at the max that go to church every week. We found out in a meeting with our ward mission leader that if we don´t get things going again, the ward is gonna close. Sooo we have a lot of work to do to make sure that doesn´t happen!

Adriana and Oliveira have been off the radar for a while because Oliveira works 25 hours a day and Adriana wasn´t all that into it. But we went over this week just to see how they were doing and we went thinking we would read a chapter in the Book of Mormon with them and leave it at that. And the next thing I knew we were inviting them to get married and Oliveira was talking about proposing to Adriana to make it official and we were really surprised where it all came from but it was awesome!!! We have everything set for them to do that, we´re just waiting on the final word from them.

Everyone else is doing great! Danielle and Maria Clara are finally on date, but then Danielle broke her arm… haha so we´re trying to figure out how that´s all gonna go down! But they´re solid.

This work is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ, and He leads His servants to those who are prepared to receive His restored gospel. We as members must do everything we possibly can to continue this great work, and to invite all to come unto Him. He is “…the way, the truth, and the life” and none shall return to the Father if not through Him who is might to save! I love all yall, have a great week this week and eat chick fil a.

peace be the journey



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