Mar 7, 2016 | Man ol’ dang ol’ hay man.



So this week went really well! We ate more rice and beans, but sometimes we ate beans and rice. Sometimes both at the same time. And when we weren´t doing that, we were doing the work of the Lord, so life is really great. We got after it this week!

Francisca and Eduardo (once again no relation at all) were baptized on Saturday!! It was a super special deal. Eduardo´s mom got off work to come to the baptism and she was just totally overcome with everything, she loved it! She was super excited for her son and that he was taking such a huge step in his life to truly follow the Lord. Francisca bore her testimony for everyone before the ordinance, it was incredible. She has such a huge heart and love for the gospel, and before she stepped down into the world she said a prayer where she basically dedicated her life to the Lord and His purposes. It was just a really awesome meeting! The spirit was incredibly strong in that room.

That was really the highlight of the week, as we´re trying to find new people to teach and stuff like that. I´ll throw in some pictures here in a sec since I have a camera now and that´s really exciting. I LOVE YOU ALL

peace be the journey

With all the love I can give through a handshake,

Elder Adams


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