Mar 21, 2016 | The hardest thing I had to get used to in Brasil is that the whole “righty tighty lefty loose” rule doesn’t apply here.

I´ll be totally honest, this week has been super slow… Elder Lima has been sick lately and we might have to get him an appointment at the hospital or something because it hasn´t got too much better! I mean it has a little bit, but he’s still struggling. The kid is tough though. We’re working hard with what we got this week and we’re trusting in the Lord that He will do His part in placing people who are prepared to receive the restored gospel in our path. It´s looking up for this next week and we´re excited to see what comes next!

Highlights: Eduardo received the Aaronic priesthood and was ordained a teacher on Sunday. Ieda has started reading the Book of Mormon again. Francisca is working like crazy to be able to forgive, she has a huge struggle with that. But she’s been doing super well with that! We’re proud of the progress she has been making.

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! More to come next week I promise, there just wasn´t too much happening this week.

Peace be the journey

Pics: we ran into Tati from Valparaíso!!


Elder Adams

mickey mouse balloon
at a member’s house
on an elevator?
on an elevator?
with Tati from Valparaiso
with Tati from Valparaiso!
Elder Lima
Lima ears
Elder Lima


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