Mar 28, 2016 | We’ll find Zion in the midst of Babylon and exotic brazilian fruit

What’s up fammm! This week went a little bit better I think, I’ll just get right into that. Elder Lima has been doing a lot better healthwise so we hit the pavement. And then we apologized to the pavement. And then we went to work!

Eduardo passed the sacrament for the first time yesterday!!! It was so awesome! He was a happy kid doing what he was doing, and we were all happy as well. He has changed a ton since we first met him, and he has fallen in love with this incredible church of which we are apart. Francisca is a lot happier as of late too, which is huge. She jokes a lot more with us now and that’s really awesome. It’s a process. But it’s been going really well.

Ieda… Ieda. Dude I don’t know what to do with her haha she’s the greatest but she’s so hard to help… She has a testimony of the restored gospel. But she still hasn’t been able to commit to baptism, even though it’s something that she wants! We’re doing everything we can, which is a lot of fasting and prayer, but I have faith that the Lord will prepare a way for her to fully come to the truth and realize that these saving ordenances are necessary for us while we’re here on this earth.

We have been finding incredible people to teach these last couple of days and everything is going well!!!

I hope all yall are as excited for conference as I am. One of the YW counselors in our ward gave a talk about getting ready for conference yesterday, and she said that we must prepare ourselves in more ways than just spiritually. We must as well leave behind our worldly cares and worries, so that we might not be distracted. And as we do this, we will be more open and subject to the whisperings of the Spirit to hear and feel the things that we must do in order to become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. I love Him so much. I pray that as we go about our week this week we will be able to reflect more on His infinite and eternal sacrifice, and clear our minds to receive the words of the living prophets and apostles with an open heart.




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