Apr 4, 2016 | Tigre



*and then everyone mumbles because they can’t remember the rest. Or at least that’s how it is for me right now. ANYWAY

I’ve been in Brasil for almost a year and I just found out where the apostrophe is located on Brasilian keyboards.

Fam. This week was Skittles really good. We found incredible people to teach, I learned a lot, it was conference, anddd it was just good. We’ve been teaching a lady named Telma as of late, and she’s CRAZY into learning and hearing about the gospel and she takes notes and everything when we teach her haha she’s great! We passed by her house at the beginning of the week and her mom Joana answered the door. We got super bummed because the last time we went to talk to Telma she wasn’t home, and Joana was sort of rude with us. But this time she was super happy and invited us in and gave us water which is really great in Brazil and we wound up teaching both of them about the Plan of Salvation. We asked if they had any questions at the end of the lesson and Joana was like “Dude… I feel like I already knew this. Something is telling me that I already knew this. How did you two boys do that?” It was AWESOME. We took advantage of the opportunity and testified to her that the Spirit had made it known to her that these things are true, and that before this life we lived with God. That was an awesome day.

The next day we weren’t able to visit a ton of people, it was kind of slow. So we stopped by a member’s house to leave a message with them and get some açaí. Because açaí is delicious. And for free if you’re a missionary in Taguatinga Sul. ANYWAY Irmã Tina gave us a referral of her friend Fátima, that happens to live in the same apartment building as our ward mission leader. So we went over and visited with her and tried to give her a Book of Mormon but she declined… BECAUSE SHE ALREADY HAD ONE HAHA! It was sweet! Fátima is an elementary school teacher and she’s just really awesome haha she reminded me a lot of my 2nd grade teacher Ms. Busken. I don’t know why, don’t ask. She just did.

Fridayyy we had lunch with some of our favorite members, and their niece Lara was there with us. Her parents have been traveling for about a month or so, so she’s been staying with Washington and Telma. We left a message with them after lunch and like we always do, we asked if there was anything we could to help them, and Telma said we needed to baptize Lara. Lara laughed and said she didn’t know about that and shtuff. So I asked her if she wanted to come to church (conference) with us on Sunday, and before she could say yes Washington said “That would be awesome!!! Lara they’ll be here at 12:30 to pick you up.” And we did. And she went. And she LOVED IT. We’re super excited for her, she’s a really great kid.

Last little bit here haha my badddd. I’m just making up for not having pictures this week because I forgot my adaptor at home HAHAHAHA 🙂

This week for me the theme has been faith, trusting in the Lord, and strengthening my testimony that it might one day become perfect in both knowledge and conviction. I listened to a talk by Marion G Romney about trusting in the Lord. He told a story about a young President Heber J Grant before he was President. In that time, fast and testimony meetings were on Thursdays, so he left work to watch the meeting. His bishop got up and spoke of the importance of tithes and offerings in building up the kingdom of God. He made a promise that those who would pay a full tithe and give offerings to the church when it was possible and in full generosity, those offerings would be quadrupled in number. President Grant had $50 in his pocket that night, and directly after the meeting he walked up to his bishop and gave the full $50. His bishop gave him $45 back, and thanked him for his willingness to help the church. President Grant got really upset and asked bishop why he was robbing him of his promised blessings! He said “My mother is a widow, and she needs $200 (for a certain purpose that I don’t remember at the moment… you’re welcome). So I’m giving my 50 because you promised that it would multiply by 4.” His bishop asked, “Grant, do you really believe that?” President Grant laughed and said “Of COURSE I do!” That night as he returned to work, he had an idea that when he put it to the test, earned him $218.50. We must put all of our faith and all of our trust in the Lord and His glorious purposes. I decided that my faith would be like that, because it really is a choice. And I’m liking where everything is going because of that decision. I don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

The church is true, the book is blue, we have a lot of work to do. I forgot my conference notes this week. I’m on a horse.


Elder Adams


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